I Am Me & I Am Proud

being yourself 5bI have previously mentioned how I get told “be yourself” on a regular basis and that I don’t really understand what it means. Well I have been thinking a lot about this short phrase and I decided it can mean different things to different people on different days of the week. It doesn’t have just one meaning or one definition. So I woke up this morning and decided that today, to me, it meant to wear what I thought looked cute and to have confidence in it.

In the end, I ended up wearing  a maroon scoop-neck long-sleeve shirt tucked into a high-waisted black and white striped pleated skirt with black tights and white high-top converse. [I would have added a picture, but I forgot to take one] This was really out there for me, because I normally wear leggings or jeans with t-shirts. I wouldn’t consider myself to have any kind of style, but I secretly wish I was slightly hipster. And, if I do say so myself, my outfit today was quite hipster and I liked it a lot. I have these random outfits that I buy, but never have the guts to wear.

Well today I had the guts. I left my room and didn’t look back. When I walked into work I started to feel the glances and immediately began to question my decision. I thought I looked super cute, but I wondered if my view of “style” was really off and everyone was questioning my sanity. I couldn’t go change, so I was stuck and just had to pretend to be confident while my insides were slowly melting.

I went on like it was a normal day and sure enough one person said “you look cute” and that turned into a chain reaction. I then started receiving compliments and almost compliments like “wow, you dressed up today.” I am not a compliment kind of person. I rarely give them and hate receiving them. I often think compliments are super faked and forced, but I will admit that I appreciated them today. Although getting compliments always makes my cheeks burn, it was worth it today. They really do help boost your confidence and without any acknowledgement of my outfit today, I don’t think I would have made it to the end of my shift.

Figuring out how to accept compliments and be okay with them is a slow process, but I am becoming more accustomed. It is part of my road to loving myself more. Today was a success and I think I may try to wear some more of my not-so-typical-me outfits. I say “not-so-typical-me,” but who says they aren’t me…. they can be me, if I want them to be me.

My definition [today] for “be yourself” would be to be you and to be proud.

a girl


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