Those ‘Where Have You Been My Whole Life’ Friends

friendship 3You know how you have those friends that you meet, maybe at work or in class, that you don’t know really well and then one day you just get to talking and realize you are practically the same person and from there the rest is history?

Well that happened to me today. I started working at my college bookstore back in August and I met so many people, because we were all hired on for the rush season. Then most of us lose our jobs and hired back as seasonal, but I, and a few others, got to stay. It was great, because I needed a job, but I was never really close with any of them.

Last week I was folding shirts with this girl who I have known since I started and she said that she needed my number, because we were going to hang out soon. I gave it to her, because quite frankly I need all the friends I can get. Nothing came of it until today, we were working together again in Merchandise and we just got to talking and we had so much in common in regards to relationships and faith.

We talked for hours as we prepped for inventory and I just got to know her so much better. One conversation just led to another. We have plans to hang out next week and I am so excited. It isn’t very often that you find someone that is like you, so much so that they understand what you are going through and can actually help you work through it.

Sometimes I can feel so alone and secluded with the issues that I deal with relationship and faith wise, so just knowing someone else is out there who has been there and is willing to listen just makes me want to smile and never stop. Feeling like someone understands you is the best feeling ever!

❤ a girl


3 thoughts on “Those ‘Where Have You Been My Whole Life’ Friends

    • For the title, I was actually trying to mesh friend and soulmate together into some cute word, but I couldn’t come up with anything haha
      You have a great Friday as well! 🙂


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