My First Attempt at Writing a News Article

This was an article I had to write as an assignment for my Media Writing class. I submit it for grading on Friday, so let me know what you think. 🙂

How the delay in canceling classes on Friday affected students

Students risked their safety by walking and driving to campus for classes that were not canceled last Friday.
The University of North Texas campus had finally opened back up on Wednesday, February 25th, after having two snow days. The campus was expected to be open throughout the rest of the week. So when Friday morning rolled around, students bundled up to make it to their morning classes.
Denton experienced an unexpected snowfall during mid-morning that Friday, but classes were not canceled immediately.
“I felt safe going to class, but it got snowy while I was there and I was hesitant to walk back,” Printmaking senior Eileen Fritz said.
Fritz had class starting at 9 am, but other students who had classes later in the day were reluctant to come to campus.
Kinesiology freshman Maggie Conales had a class at 12 pm.
“When I woke up I originally was scared to go to class, because I know the buses have a hard time with the ice and snow.”
The unforeseen snowfall had caused multiple wrecks on the highways in the area and Advertising sophomore Chris Kuehn was among them. While on his way back from Dallas to make his 11 am class, he was involved in a car accident that totaled his vehicle.
“While on the road I didn’t think the weather would turn out as bad as it did. It was a rapid change from harmless snowfall to endangering,” Kuehn said. “Roughly around exit 448 on 1-35 my car spun out from the left lane and spun into the divider wall in the right lane.”
Having a similar experience, Conales didn’t end up in a car accident, but experienced excessive stress on her way home to Arlington.
“I started my trek home and ended up sliding all over 114 and ended up having to have my mom pick me up on 360, because of how stressed out I was with how my truck was reacting to the ice.”
With the sudden change in weather, students were anxiously awaiting for classes to be canceled, constantly checking Twitter, e-mail, and the university’s website. Classes were not officially canceled until just before 11 am.
“I felt that if they had delayed school an hour or two earlier, I wouldn’t have chanced my life and car in an unsafe drive,” Kuehn said.


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