Just a Little Rebellion

rebellion 1I have always been a goody-two-shoes. It was the way I defined myself. I’m kind of a stick-in-the-mud, because I don’t know how to have fun nor do I understand humor. I have always been afraid to bend or break the rules. I have always cared a lot about how people would view me if they ever found out I did… [insert activity here].

Lately I have been thinking and I realized that I kind of have no stories to tell. Now I know you don’t always have to be doing something illegal or against the rules to have story, but I came to the conclusion that I don’t have very many experiences. I have never drank, used drugs (although I have no desire to), smoked, kissed anyone, had sex…. I have just felt that I am missing out on something.

So last night I went to a movie and dinner with a couple friends. We had a nice night, but I had gone home and was in bed by 10. Around midnight, Elephant, my best friend here at college, texted me and invited me to a party. That is not my scene. I have never been to a party and was kind of freaked out by the idea, but I was feeling a little rebellious and decided ‘what the heck’ I may as well give it a try. So with shaky legs, I got out of bed and made myself presentable. She came and picked me up and I was off to my first party.

Needless to say, I am not a party person. Honestly I have no desire to go again. There were so many people there and I didn’t know anyone; it was just awkward really. I decided to have my first taste of alcohol- beer. It was so disgusting!! I don’t know how people drink that stuff. I handed it to Elephant and have decided I am not a beer girl. It was watery repulsive stuff.

After about half an hour or so, we left the party and went to Elephant’s boyfriend’s apartment. He was the DD and when we got to his place, he let me try wine. This was disgusting as well. It tasted like old wood. Really gross. I haven’t sworn off wine forever, but I may be a snob about it; no cheap stuff. After that I was feeling a bit adventurous and was really into this making memories thing. He said he would let me try some rum and coke which I was totally fine with, except instead he decided to mix rum and vodka together and let me try a shot. I did and it wasn’t half bad. A bit cinnamon-y and it burned a little, but I could dig it. I ended up having two more shots.

By the end of the night I was a bit tipsy, but I have to admit that I had fun. Elephant and I were laying on the couch giggling and she walked me up to my room to make sure I got there okay, but I talked and laughed. I liked being so relaxed. I know that can get me into trouble, but sometimes it is nice not to be so on-edge all the time.

So I had my first rebellious night and I enjoyed it. I can foresee many more in the future! The best part about it, is that I don’t even feel guilty. I normally feel guilty any time I do something that the people I normally surround myself with say is bad, but I lived a little last night and I am kind of proud of myself.

❤ a girl


3 thoughts on “Just a Little Rebellion

  1. I totally used to be like this.. The more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the easier and more fun it will get. Be around the people that will support (or join) your rebellious decisions!
    Also… I found that for me beer and wine were very acquired tastes.. you just gotta keep trying different kinds 🙂

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    • I appreciate this so much! And by that I mean being supportive. I feel that so many people wanted to scold me or tell me I was “bad”, but I just wanted to break out of my shell. I don’t always want to be the level-headed one. There is not adventure in that.
      So thank you!
      And geez very acquired, but I plan to try them again lol

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