The Best Friend Life

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You know that quote: “Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest, but who came and never left your side.” This is exactly the case when it comes to my best friend, Sloth (all my besties really!). I met Sloth my freshman year of high school in Spanish 2 class. We were the youngest students in the class and really bonded together in there, but weren’t best friends right off the bat. Our journey to where we are now was a process and I still remember the awkward first time “hanging out” when her she came with her mom to pick me up to go to the movies and our parents had to meet.

One of the greatest things about us is that we are opposites. I am the type that takes everything to heart whereas Sloth doesn’t give a flying pancake about anything. I am good with just passing, As and Bs would be nice, but as long as I graduate whereas Sloth strives to be the absolute best at whatever she does. I am incapable of participating in any physical activity whereas Sloth was a club volleyball star. Over time we just grew to accept each other as is and we have withstood so much with this attitude.

For a long time I went through friends like tissues. There with this running joke that my friend’s expired; they normally had a six month to year running time and then they would leave me or I would get tired of them. I am proud to say that Sloth surpassed her expiration date by a long shot (5 years and 7 months!). It also used to be bother me that none of my childhood friends ever stuck around, but now that I have Sloth, and a few others, none of that matters to me. Some of the best people come to you later in life.

Sadly, Sloth and I didn’t have the same spring break this year, but luckily we had one overlapping weekend. We took advantage and met up today for chitchat, lunch, and book shopping. At lunch, Sloth told me that her mom had asked what her plans were and when she told her that we would probably grab lunch and then sit on the couch and do nothing, her mom looked horrified (which is shocking seeing as this is what we always do). Her mom said we should go do something fun, but that is fun to us. In our opinion, the reason to have a best friend is so that we can don’t always have to have a plan, but instead just be lazy and do nothing or something spontaneous.

We excel at doing individual things together. Back in high school we were a part of the a bunch of the same clubs and organization. For DECA, we made it to state and international competition and I remember everyone out going on the town and Sloth and I (the grandmas that we were) were in bed by 9:30 and each reading a separate book. To us, that is fun! Not always having to impress each other or top our last adventure is the way to go.

Even though Sloth and I go to different universities two hours apart, I never feel like she is out of reach. Even though Sloth can’t respond to a text message promptly to save her life, I always know she’ll answer we I really need her. I have no doubt that we will be friends forever. As cliche as that is, I know that it is true. We just do what we want, when we want, how we want and we just don’t care what anyone has to say about it.

So shout-out to Sloth for being my bestest friend! I am so thankful for her!

❤ a girl


6 thoughts on “The Best Friend Life

  1. Beautiful post! Loved the quote about how it doesn’t matter who you’ve known the longest… It’s about who stayed by your side and never left you. And it’s just awesome how you two feel comfortable just chilling and doing nothing together. That’s how it is with my close friends too. Such a lovely uplifting post… I feel really happy for you and reading this made me feel happy myself, as well! Even though I don’t exactly have a best friend, it made me think warmly and appreciatively of the lovely friends I do have. Also, the flying pancake line made me smile! 😊

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    • Thanks! As wonderful as true friendship is, it is extremely difficult.

      P.S. I love how raw your blog is! I love how you don’t sugarcoat anything!!


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