I’m A Little [RUSTY] At Trying New Things

try new things 1Safe. Boring. Comfortable. Previously.

These words describe what I migrate toward. I am that person who sticks to things they know. I do not have too many adventurous bones in my body and trying new things sort of freaks me out.

When it comes to friends, I normally pick people who are like me… who think like me, kind of look like me, like the same things as me, share the same ideals as me; you get the picture. Well this past November, one of my coworkers slid their number to me and told me to text her sometime. I thought it was the quirkiest gesture, so I did. Her name was Elephant and she is now my best friend! The cool thing about her and I is that we are so alike, yet so different. Now that I know her, I never in a million years would have chosen her as a friend. I am so glad that we changed our unlikely friendship, because I haven’t laughed or felt more accepted in a long time!

P&L 4.17.15 (1)

P&L 4.24.15 (2)Being friends with her has really opened my horizons to giving new experiences and people a chance! I don’t think it is an accident that we “found each other”.

Tonight, we were supposed to go to Denton’s Arts and Jazz Festival, but it was rained out. We were walking around the square and decided that we were starving. I wanted to go somewhere we had already been to get something that I eat all the time. But instead, Elephant and her boyfriend convinced me to try Rusty Taco. I was skeptical at first, but once they got me in the door, I realized that it was fairly cheap. I got two Texican Tacos and a drink. I wasn’t blown away by any means, but they were pretty good.

Rusty Taco 3 Rusty Taco 1

I had to document my new experience. I don’t try new things often. And normally I’m not smiling by the end.

After tonight’s successful bout of trying new things, I am kind of excited to do it more often. I think I may make a list of cool eating places in Denton that I haven’t tried before.

Do you have any experiences trying new things? Good or bad.

❤ a girl


4 thoughts on “I’m A Little [RUSTY] At Trying New Things

  1. Cool! That you went ahead and tried..:)..there is always a 50% chance that you might enjoy the new experience. A friend of mine too made me eat some spinach dish..(and I never eat anything healthy/green). Eventually, i tried and voila! Even liked it. We should be up for surprises.

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