My First Attempt Writing a Profile Article

Okay, so this is my last article assignment for my media writing class. It is due tomorrow, but I wanted to see what y’all thought of it. 

It’s Business On Air and On the Court

It was game three, the last game of the NCVF National Championship in Kansas City, MO bronze bracket and the University of North Texas men’s club volleyball team was facing the University of Ohio. UNT had a rocky start with one loss, but after a quick timeout, the team managed to take out Ohio’s best player giving them the momentum they needed to win the next two sets.

“When we won the final point, I was in shock.” Brent Wise said with a huge grin on his face as he feverishly recounted the final moments of the game. “Not because I didn’t believe we could do it, but that we actually did win it.”

Wise, 21, is a Converged Broadcast Media student who is also the starting libero on the UNT men’s club volleyball team and currently a sports anchor on KNTU 88.1 and previously an anchor on NTTV. When Wise isn’t in class, he keeps himself busy by attending sporting events whether he is on the court or in the stands.

While growing up, soccer was his sport of choice and he actually had a soccer scholarship to Marshall University, but turned them down for financial reasons. Wise wasn’t introduced to volleyball until high school and didn’t get involved with playing club until college when he needed a quick way to make friends.

During his first semester at UNT, Wise made the decision to tryout as a sports anchor and to his surprise he was given the position. In the beginning, those in charge helped him write his stories, but slowly had him do it by himself in order to improve his writing for sports broadcasting.

“I was actually on TV and my mom got to see me, so that was pretty cool,” Wise said as his cheeks turned slightly red and he rubbed his palms against his basketball shorts. “I knew when she got to see me up there, she was really proud.”

Although his schedule didn’t allow him to participate at the television station this semester, he has plans to tryout again in the fall. Having some time open up, he was interested in finding another way to get involved which led him to the UNT radio station.

Wise got in touch with the sports director who in turn gave him a tour of the station and a practice run with a script; editing and rehearsing on air. The week before school started, the director needed a sports anchor and asked if he was interested.

“Even though I was extremely nervous, I wasn’t going to say no,” Wise said with a laugh. “Because I wasn’t sure when the next opportunity would arise.”

His first time on air wasn’t perfect, but he became the regular Tuesday afternoon anchor anyway. Wise is currently the Friday evening anchor and has had opportunities covering UNT sports and professional sports such as the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers.

Wise has high hopes of becoming an anchor for ESPN or a media representative for the Dallas Cowboys.

“Since I have played sports my entire life it gives me previous knowledge to help me with my future occupation,” Wise said casually as he waved to a student walking by. “It helps with knowing little terms such as how ‘pancake’ is not a breakfast food, but if I didn’t play volleyball I probably wouldn’t know that.”


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