UPSET doesn’t even begin to cover it.


I am beyond upset right now.

Pissed. Angry. Livid. Annoyed. Irritated. Mad. Enraged.

So I just got done meeting with my Philosophy professor. I waited for over an hour to meet with him about my research paper grade. This morning he passed back our papers and to my dismay I received a 75. Initially I was upset; who wouldn’t be?

I’ll admit that it wasn’t my all-time best work, but I still spent time on it. I take full responsibility for the fact that my paper was on 2 and a half pages instead of three and I spelled Descartes wrong (but to my credit, I spelled it ‘Decartes’ every time I used it), but I don’t think that meant I should lose 25 points. My paper wasn’t bad and I got my point across in 2 and a half pages.

I took deep breaths and grabbed lunch before going to speak to him during office hours. I learned that he didn’t even grade my paper, but had a designated grader do it instead. I understand professors have a lot on their plate, but I don’t think you should assign such an important paper and not even grade it yourself. This grader isn’t even in our class, so how can she know if what we are saying is relevant.

Another thing that pissed me off was that she wrote in the margin that I used too many quotes. In the paper parameters it said you had to have at least one quote embedded in the paragraph. Nowhere did it say you could only have one quote. Heaven forbid I did too much research. I used Google docs to write my paper and for some reason there are three sentences that are in Georgia font instead of Times New Roman, so she took off points there. It’s not like I did that on purpose. This frustrated me.

Weeks before the paper was due, he stood up at the front of the class and said this paper wouldn’t be hard. That it was going to be graded on a high school level and that if you did a, b, and c you would be fine. This turned out to be lies. I did a, b, and didn’t quite manage c, but I don’t even feel like the grader even read my paper. The content was good.

After speaking to him about my paper and asking him to actually read it, he said that I didn’t quite go into depth enough and that I used too many quotes. He asked me if I felt my paper was better than a 75… uh hello!! would I be here if I felt I deserved a 75? I told him I thought it should at least be an 80, so he said he could change it, but that it wouldn’t make a difference.

Before he entered in the 75/80 I had an A in the class, now even if I make a 100 on the exam, I am stuck with an 87. This just royally pisses me off, because I feel like this class was for nothing. I went ever single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I got wonderful scores on the quizzes and discussions, but none of that seems to matter!!!

This just makes me hate college. Stupid crap like this makes me frustrated with college! I was supposed to get an A! Thank God next week is my last week.

❤ a girl


7 thoughts on “UPSET doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  1. I can completely understand how you feel, it’s frustrating even reading it! I don’t agree with the professor not having read the paper and the fact that he quite willingly changed it to an 80 only highlights their lack of judgement. If he could change it to an 80 on your say so, whose to say that it’s not worth more?


    • Exactly! I’ve never had this issue yet, but it took everything in me not to yell at him then and there!
      I had a similar issue in high school, but she was rude to me and didn’t change my grade and I had a serious attitude problem then.
      What frustrated the most was that he assigned a paper that is worth a lot with no plans to actually grade it. He claimed that it would be graded on a high school level, but he wasn’t going to be grading it, so how can he say that… ugh!

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      • That just seems really unfair, sometimes it seems that they don’t take their job seriously enough! I had a similar issue at University, I had my brothers wedding to attend abroad during the semester (obviously I couldn’t change the date) and had to request an extension on a last minute assignment that we were informed about. The professor didn’t want to give me the extension (which would have resulted in me having to resit the entire class), so I went straight to the exam board, who had more sense and honoured it. However, he was responsible for marking the paper and graded it low. It was not of any lesser standard than my other assignments but that grade didn’t align with my previous grades. I knew that he had done it because I had gone above him but that one mark actually affected the final degree that I achieved — I was just a few points away from a first. So, I really do sympathise with your situation!

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      • Oh my goodness that would have irritated me so much!! Good for you though going to the exam board. Sometimes i feel these professors feel they can push us around a little too much.

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  2. Sorry to hear that you had to go through that. To be honest that is rather very unprofessional of your professor. It bewilders me as to why he would assign someone else to grade the papers when HE’S the one teaching the class and assigned the work. I never thought there were professors like that. I could say I was fortunate then since I had professors that actually cared.

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