Cloudy with a Chance Of…

weather and mood

Lately I have felt that the weather has been describing me. Ever since the first week of May, North Texas has not been itself. When we check the weather, it calls for rain everyday which is quite unusual. It seems to be sunshine in the morning and by afternoon we are being warned about flooding.

I feel like this reflects me. I have been trying to be a more positive person (which I why I seem to have nothing to write about), but my negativity seems to always get the best of me. Like the weather, the sun starts out the day, but by the end the rain has taken over.

It is crazy to watch outside as the storm literally rolls in to steal the light. These huge black clouds cover the area, but not as far as the eye can see. The light is still visible in the distance, which gives me hope that I can still grasp my positive attitude and reel it back in.

It’s funny to me, because people are always encouraging me to be positive, confident, and happy, yet I feel like nobody wants to read about someone who has their life together. It is so much easier to bond when you both have issues to deal with.

My life still isn’t perfect and I still have lots of growing to do, so many posts to come, but I wanted to share this cool weather tidbit with you.

❤ a girl


5 thoughts on “Cloudy with a Chance Of…

  1. That’s so true! I’ve been thinking about how people (maybe more in Blogger than here) like to read about bloggers who are living THE life or are endlessly miserable but that people who are okay with no major ups and downs aren’t interesting just because there’s no drama. One of the reasons why I changed to WordPress.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll feel better soon. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. 🙂

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  2. People always want drama. Onlookers never stop for accidents without casualties. They slow down, have a look and drive on. People always wanna know that somebody is off worse than they are. It makes them feel better.
    When someone’s living the picture perfect life people envy this person but then think that he’s just boasting; that he’s miserable in a happy way (does that make sense?). Like he’s got everything but he can’t be happy, or something like this.
    People can be strange, can’t they?

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    • It makes perfect sense.
      I can be that way too, I suppose. I am one of those that likes to look at accidents as I drive by.
      I like to relate to people and majority of the time I relate to those having issues. I don’t hate people who have their lives together, but in reality those people do have their own issues they just don’t air for everyone to see.
      People are extremely strange.

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      • That’s right. Everyone has their issues. Many people just pretend their lives are perfect while they’re falling apart in any possible way.
        Relating to people with issues shows your empathy, doesn’t it? Maybe we have to try to find a balance between being sad and happy that many people don’t find or manipulate for their own (pretended) good.

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