The whole point of creating this particular blog was to have a safe place to vent my thoughts, views, and feelings in an anonymous way. Some would say it is a cowardly to hid behind anonymity, but I say it is just a way to be more open.

For the first couple months of having this blog, I didn’t post a picture of myself. I didn’t want anyone to know who I was [just in case], but then I added one, because I wanted people to have a face to go with my words. I wanted to take credit in a way.

This blog holds thoughts and feelings that belong to me. This blog holds information that I haven’t told anyone that I actually know. This blog holds me together sometimes. This blog holds the people that remind me that I am not alone. This blog holds so much more than just posts from a ranting twenty-something.

Well, today, one of my family members found my blog. I felt defeated, like I can’t do or say or feel anything without someone who actually knows me finding out. Now I am a bit fearful. I am frustrated, because I am so proud of my blog and of all the ways I was able to open up, but now I feel closed off, because I don’t want someone who knows me to go rifling through my inner thoughts. To share what they find with others who are close to me.

I just feel like it is obvious that this blog is supposed to be anonymous and they took that away from me. I don’t even post my name. If I wanted this blog to be read by people who know me, then I would post it to Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t.

I don’t want to have to delete this blog, because I love the stories and thoughts and feelings that I have shared, but I love the people that I have encountered as well. But now I don’t know what to do, because the whole point was based on anonymity.

❤ a girl


18 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. Years ago I started my blog for my children because I live such an isolated existence in the wilderness of Northern Alaska, but soon total strangers started to read my words and with the new comments my writing broadened. I have never felt compelled to watch what I write because anyone in particular is reading the post…you just have to write what moves you and let the chips fall where they may.
    Good luck

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  2. Don’t stop! 😥 I also have the same issue.. a fear that one of my close friends or family finds my blog.. (some of the poems are about them) I don’t want them to know this side of me.. That’s why I also didn’t post a picture of myself on my about page for the first 5 months. But my aunt and a dear friend of mine discovered my blog and at first they’re like kinda mad at me because my poems are so poignant, but eventually they accepted it.. They accepted this part of me because they love me. And I think and I believe that if your family finds this blog, I think they’ll also accept it because it’s part of you now, this blog. They’ll accept it because they love you 🙂

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  3. Don’t stop! About a year into my blog I brought it up to family memebers but I asked that they respect my privacy and not look for it. I also made it super hard to find. I only know of one person who knows how to find via a google search. I shorten my first name and last name when I have to sign up for any social media platform. That makes it way harder for people to find you. I don’t know if that helps you at all but I hope you still keep writing! I love your posts and watching you grow.

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    • Thank you so much. This is such an encouragement to keep going despite the fact someone I know has found me. I don’t even have a last name on here, so it really is shocking that I was found.

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      • Wow that’s impressive then! I mean if they tried that hard to find it you might as well let them read. People will find you eventually. You just have to hope they will respect your thoughts and opinions.

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  4. Before starting my current blog, I had an anonymous blog for over three years. It was very personal and based on being able to be so open so I totally understand your feelings!
    What about changing your url? I’m not sure if it impacts your readers but people without account might lost track of your blog. And maybe you can tell your family member (in a nice way) that it is your private space and you’d like them to keep out?

    I hope you’ll find something that works out for you!

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