Little Glimpses


When you have an overactive imagination like I do, coming up with cute stories is second nature.

Before there was you, my dreams consisted of a faceless boy. That sounds really strange, but it is true. I would have these dreams of short snippets of scenes that I someday wanted to do with my future boyfriend or husband. I was never into the details of him, but more in the details of what we were doing.

Now there is you and my dreams finally have a face. It makes all the little glimpses so much more real and fun, because I have the hope they can be a possibility one day. I can’t wait to share with you all of these little snippets!

I know I am not supposed to dwell on the negative, but it really sucks that you are so far, because there are so many things that I want to do together. But instead of getting down about that, I am going to describe these moments and create a collection of all the fun we are going to have one day.

Our situation just reiterates how normal is boring!

❤ a girl


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