Being an Unsalvageable Bitch

This past Friday I was written up at work.

At first I didn’t know how to feel about it. How are you supposed to feel when your boss calls you an unsalvageable bitch?

At first I didn’t know how to react. How are you supposed to react when your boss tells you you have an unfixable attitude?

It really hurt having this happen to me. Having my boss yell at me. Having someone who barely knows me accuse me of being all of these negative things. Having this slightly-older-than-me guy tell me that I need to act professional and accept criticism even though he can’t do the same.

I understand that I don’t take criticism well, but I am working on it. I don’t need him blowing up in my face and reminding me of all the reasons I am not perfect.

I get it. I messed up. I stood up for myself. I didn’t let him speak to me like that. So if being written up is the consequence, then I accept it.

So I had accepted it. I went into work tonight with my held high ready to do my job when one of my fellow hostesses tells me that the manager told her that I had been written up and why.

Ok, take a step back. Excuse me! The manager that told me to act professionally is going around telling my co-workers that I got in trouble. How unprofessional is that!! Did that awful, horrible night happen just so he could use me as an example…

I was frustrated, angry, upset. That should have been kept confidential. You point out my flaws–> I work harder–> end of story. But no, he has to go and blab that he was the big bad boss and called me out and made me cry (although that part happened after I left).

To take my mind off this irritating news, I decided to just lay low. I sat people and folded kid menus until I had the opportunity to leave. But right before I left, one of the servers stopped me and told me how much they could have used me yesterday. That the whole restaurant was a mess, because the hostesses couldn’t get their act together. He tells me that the manager (the one who wrote me up) was about ready to fire some hostesses for being incompetent. He then told me that he told the manager that he should ask me to work Sundays.

It really made my night knowing that others know that I do what I do well and that not always being little miss easy-going does not hinder me.

So now I am just playing a waiting game. A game to see if the manager will go through with firing me for my attitude or will start appreciating me for how well I work.

❤ a girl


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