That Color That Makes You Feel Absolutely Ravishing

sexy imagination

Is there a color that just makes you feel really sexy? Is there a color that makes you feel really spicy? Is there a color that makes you feel really saucy?

Black with accents of Red. That’s my color.

Up until the beginning of this month I had never really felt that way. That way being sexy, spicy, or saucy. No one my age ever looked at me like I could be anything more than a girl on the street or a friend. No one, besides family and my girlfriends, ever told me I looked beautiful; therefore part of me felt like I could never be seen that way by a guy.

I am a female, so it is only natural that I want to feel sexy and ‘wanted’ by someone. It is no secret that I have an overactive imagination, but it is so nice to finally have a face for all those dreams. To finally feel like some of those could actually come true.

My senior year of high school, I bought red heels. Although I have never had a reason to wear them out, I absolutely adore them! Then back in April, a friend gave me some red lip-stain. I tried it out one day and sure enough I absolutely adore that color. Wearing accents of red makes me feel secretive and I like that.

I used to be completely against the color black. Ever since I was little, I always felt that it was dark and that it made me look super pale, so I have always steered clear of it. Well for a bachelorette party I had to go to this past weekend, I had to wear a solid black dress. I didn’t have one, so I went to the store to find one. Sure enough, I had so much fun picking out and trying on black dresses. I ended up buying 3!

As much as I like wearing the color red, I can’t wear too much, because of my hair color, but having red lips and red nails really makes me want to put on a slinky dress and go out. Although the person I want to take me out isn’t in my area at the moment, I am more than willing to wait. No one has ever made me feel the way he does!

So now when I get into one of my moods and put on my slinky black dress, red heels, and red lipstick; instead of seeing a little pale girl playing dress up, I see a woman with porcelain skin and a secret smile ready for a great night! I’m saving that dress for someday with a certain someone and I cannot wait! 😉

❤ a girl


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