Song Review: Anywhere With You

I’ll go anywhere, anywhere with you. – Jake Owen

First and foremost I want to say that this is dedicated to my friend B @reviewswithb. He dislikes country music a lot and was saying the other day that country music is lame, because it is just guys singing about losing their girl, working on their truck, and drinking beer. Me, being an avid lover of country music, argued that not all country music is like this; some of them are sweet love songs and others are just fun to sing to.

I became a fan of Jake Owen’s music during my junior year of high school when I first heard the song Barefoot Blue Jean Night. Since then there have been select others that I have really enjoyed or that have spoken to me, but this one just makes my heart flutter.

Just as long as I’m where you’re at
I’m gonna have a real good view

This is not a song about a guy whining about losing his girl, working on his truck, or drinking beer. It is a song about a guy who loves a girl. It is a song about a guy who thinks his girl is the most beautiful. It is a song about a guy who would go anywhere with his girl. It is a song about a guy who is completely happy and satisfied no matter what as long as he is with his girl.

I’ll bet there’s a two lane
Running right through the middle of a wide open desert to a ghost town
If you wanna just hide out

This song actually reminds me of a special someone. One of the first days I started talking to this someone ghost towns were mentioned. I had never been to one, but this person assured me they are interesting.

We could send a post card back
From a mountain top out in Idaho
Maybe get snowed in

I have this dream (or fantasy) of getting snowed in with the person I love. Although I don’t prefer the cold, I wouldn’t mind playing in it or being surrounded by it as long as I was with this person. I actually wrote this person a story about being snowed in. I can imagine fires, cuddling, hot chocolate, and board games.

Pick a spot on any old map
I travel light and my bags are packed

This special person and I discuss traveling together all the time. It sounds like one big adventure and I wish we could embark on it tomorrow, but sadly life always wiggles its way in. I have always thought it would be such a rush to throw a dart or point with my eyes closed at a map and then just go to that spot. Maybe someday that person and I can do that together.

Now I hope my friend, B, understands that not all country music has no meaning. This is a great song that I, and I am sure others, can relate to in some way. It is sweet, fun, and has a catchy beat. So I hope you enjoy listening to it. 😛


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