Highways Can Lead You Anywhere

freedomLast night I had the opportunity to meet an author. I looked up directions to the venue and it was about an hour away. I was so nervous, because getting there involved all of these highways and a foreign place I had never been. I asked myself how badly I wanted to go, but it wasn’t everyday you get to listen to a successful author speak.

Did I mention I was going to this thing by myself?

I have always wanted to go to events like this and not feel obligated to find someone to go with me. Like if there was a speaker on campus I wanted to hear or a movie I wanted to see… I have always felt that going to something alone was a negative thing, but last night I took the plunge and I felt empowered.

So I plugged the address into my phone and set out for my destination. It started me on a familiar highway, but not soon after I was merging onto a huge toll road. I gripped the steering wheel, because I had no clue what lane to be in, but I decided to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

At the beginning of the journey there weren’t that many cars on the road and as I flew down the highway, I glanced up at all the adjoining highways over my head and all of the highways that merge from both sides. It hit me then that highways can lead you anywhere and everywhere you want to go. They are means to escape. It amazed me that if you wanted to just get lost and find somewhere you’ve never been, you could just get on a highway and go- take a right here, merge onto here, take this loop, exit here, take a left here, and BOOM a new destination you never thought to go where no one will find you.

As I was sitting in traffic on one highway, I looked at all the cars around me for miles and it blew my mind again that there are this many people around me that I don’t know; all with families, jobs, feelings, and trying to get somewhere just like me. In that one moment, sitting in traffic on a five lane highway, I felt so connected to the people around me.

Next time you feel alone, I encourage you to leave wherever you are around 5:30 and make your way to a crowded highway and take in all the other people in the same boat as you…

❤ a girl


7 thoughts on “Highways Can Lead You Anywhere

  1. I’ve done things like this before. Got into my car and just driven. England is so small within a few hours you can be in a completely different region. I’ve explored new places and spoken to different people. It’s empowering to even have dinner alone with just yourself for company. When I need to take myself away from real life I do that and explore somewhere new. Really sorts your head out. Good on you girl x

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    • Thank you for this! I always feel judged when I go have dinner alone (I have done it once), but I really want to explore new places and just drive to my heart’s content.
      I am glad I am not the only one who feels like that helps! 🙂

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      • Sometimes you need to take time out away from things. I go for breakfast a lot by myself if no one wants to go. How I see it is if no one else goes with me I’ll end up going without and I’m not missing out on an oppotunity for a full English!

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      • Think of it like this…… going to dinner alone means you get to PEOPLE WATCH! Observing everyone and everything around you can be endlessly entertaining! I don’t know. I love doing that, haha. You get to be alone with your thoughts. Hey, maybe even bring a book! A good book and food. Nothing better! Find that silver lining!


      • Oh my goodness I love to people watch!! And the one time I did go out to eat alone, I went to McAllister’s Deli and brought a book with me. It was awkward at first, but the silence and peace was quite nice.

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  2. I NEVER drive/drove on highways/main roads by myself EVER. So when I have to do it once in a blue moon in an unknown land, I get the same feelings you do! It’s CRAZY to think of how many people there are, constantly traveling. Exploring new places. Makes me want to drop everything and join them!!!

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