They Tied The Knot

Professional #1

Marriage is getting to have a sleepover with your best friend every single night of the week. A big absolutely to that bold statement! These two lovebirds, Matt and Sarah, are two of my really good friends. I have known Sarah for eleven years now and Matt for six. They met back in junior high in English class and really hit it off. Our freshman year of high school is when they began dating. Six years later, they tied the knot! It was an incredible thing to witness seeing two best friends become one for the rest of their lives!

Seeing them get married was like a wake-up call for my head screaming, “You are growing up for real!” Sure, we graduated high school together and now we are in college doing our own thing, but now the first couple in my friend group is officially married… I don’t know who is next, but it is kind of a wonderful yet scary thought that this is going to start happening more frequently now.

I had previously mentioned that I felt that I wasn’t a very good bridesmaid. I never knew where I was supposed to be or what I was supposed to be doing, but none of that seemed to matter on the day of. Sarah was absolutely radiant with excitement and I have never seen anyone so ready! When we got to the venue to get ready, everyone was a bit frazzled. The other bridesmaids were off doing who knows what, but I came to be with Sarah. She looked at me and for the first time, I saw her nerves. She said, “Lauren, I feel like I am giving birth.” I looked at her and said, “Okay then…” and started making birth breathing sounds. She started doing it with me and then laughed so hard. She told me she was afraid of being late and I told her that the party doesn’t start till she walks in and then we started singing Kesha and I watched the nerves melt away. In that moment, I knew I was doing exactly what a friend does; bridesmaid or not!

It was a surreal evening and I know my friends are going to rock this married thing. I now have wedding fever! Last night, I couldn’t sleep, so I practically designed my entire wedding… the only thing I am missing is a groom! I cannot wait for my special day… the day that the man of my dreams chooses to be stuck with me for the rest of the rest!


6 thoughts on “They Tied The Knot

  1. I just got a chance to read your comments- that is so crazy! Haha. Definitely a bunch of random things in common!! And I just creeped around your blog a little bit, and oh gosh, yes I totally agree. I feel like we’re in super similar places in our lives, which is always comforting to know you’re not the only one! haha. I really look forward to reading more of your posts, and creeping through the older ones! Haha. (:

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