When You Don’t Have WiFi…

I just moved back to Denton for the upcoming school year. I am so excited, because I am living in a town-home this year with three very sweet girls. I have my own room and bathroom that I decorated to my heart’s desire. The only downfall… our internet won’t be set up until Friday.

This is such a 21st century kid problem. Like what did people do before we had internet or internet in our homes? I have literally done everything I can to keep my self busy without blogging, searching the web, or watching Netflix. It is more difficult than I ever expected.

Yesterday, I took my laptop and set up camp at a Wendy’s to take their internet. Today, I am currently chilling at a McDonald’s. It is just amusing to me… I kind of feel like I live in New York and am searching out cyber cafes, but they don’t have those here even though it is a college town.

It’s Monday, so only four more days to go! I am going to try and upload some posts throughout the week, but if I don’t get the chance then just know I haven’t died or given up. I am just internet-less. 😦

I do have lots to talk about though, so I am excited to get working internet, so I can sit and write!

❤ a girl


5 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have WiFi…

  1. You poor thing!!!!!!! Hahhaha. I have no idea how I’d feel if that happened to me. I’d like to think I’d go to the library and get books and spend my whole day reading…. or exploring outside! Scary how much we rely on wifi! 😛

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