First Day Jitters

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It was the first day of classes for me today and as I looked around, I realized that most everything was the same. Tons of people everywhere, but most had their heads down, eyes glued to their phone or they had their headphones in oblivious to the world around them. I won’t lie, I am usually one of those ‘got my headphones in and I’m on a mission’ type of people, but I figured why not go throughout my day without putting my headphones in… maybe I could experience something new.

The first thing I noticed was that without my headphones in, I seemed more approachable. I walked downstairs this morning to go catch the bus and my roommate asked if she could go with me. So went together and socialized the whole way; I felt much less alone having her with me, but I don’t think she would have asked if I would have had my headphones in.

Being a junior is a weird feeling. I am now technically an upperclassman and I have friends through my three semesters at this school, so again as I walked I was able to smile and wave and talk to people instead of being holed up inside myself, so I didn’t feel as alone. I ended up having lunch with two friends and that is a great thing that I think we take for granted.

Right before my last class, my friend texted me asking if I had made any new friends and I, in all seriousness, replied “No, but no one talks to each other on the first day.” But after I said that, I couldn’t help but wonder why? We always sit there and stare at our phones or our laps and we don’t acknowledge those sitting around us and if someone does happen to speak, we all stare at them in shock and irritation. So I decided to try not to be one of those people. I went to my next class and sat down next to a girl in the back and just decided to strike up a quiet conversation. I was so lame at first noting that I had issues finding the classroom and then noted the pizza place her cup was from. Turned out we had a little in common and have another class together. 🙂

After that experience, I think I may go headphone-less for awhile just to see if I can interact with people more and seem like less of a bitch. I hope to see some changes in people this semester, although that is a long shot, but I want to see more friendliness… It changes the morale of all of the people around.

❤ a girl

P.S. I hope all the others starting school today had a good one! 😀


8 thoughts on “First Day Jitters

  1. THE CELL PHONES. Ugh. I’ve never listened to music inbetween classes or just walking in general… I still never get approached though! I guess I don’t look very kind….. hahahah. But you are so right. Rarely anyone talks on the first day! I’m glad you had a great first day of classes 🙂 🙂 I had a fantastic first day, toO!!!

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    • Hahaha I am definitely a culprit of listening to music, but I do it, because I feel awkward when I have no one to talk to, but I am working on being confident in just being me even when it is JUST me.

      Woohoo!!! Yay to good first days! Here’s to having a good second day as well! 🙂

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  2. We aren’t even allowed to use cell phones in our college, leave alone headphones. If the authority finds you with it, it is gone. I think it is a good rule as it allows people to communicate to each other rather than behaving like zombies. 🙂

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  3. Last year, headphones were a huge issue at my school. So this year, the trade-off was that the dress code became much more lax (like seriously. short shorts at a high school?! Since when?) but now as soon as a teacher spots headphones, they get confiscated. I generally don’t use headphones because I don’t have noise-cancelling ones but I do admit to using my phone a little too often in class.

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