Even Though The Odds Are Against Us…


We made it two months!

Some may think it is silly to be excited about something so small, but this is HUGE to me! We have gone up against distance [1,000 miles or 16 hours] and those who chose not to encourage us, but we didn’t let either of those things stop us and it has been absolutely wonderful!

You continue to make me beam and blush. You never fail to make me smile when I want to frown and laugh when I want to cry. You have no problem channeling your inner hopeless romantic to tell me sappy things or your inner goofball to come up with the cheesiest things! You are full of never ending surprises in every way and I cannot wait to continue finding out new things about you.

I thought for sure I would have scared you off by now, but you have shown you don’t scare easily! 🙂 I thought for sure when you found out my washing machine wasn’t broken after all, when I had my meltdown, because I got rice stuck in my phone’s charging port, or when I was a blubbering mess after making the assumption my best friend had replaced me, but I underestimated you. You managed to cheer me up (thanks for that run down of the Twilight Saga in a minute by the way!) after I told you I wanted to be sad. You didn’t shy away from a distraught me and I cannot express how much I appreciate you not giving up on me!

Hun, you really are one of a kind and I do not know how I got so lucky! I guess I should thank you for taking a leap, because I jumped too and fell… hard! I have found out that differences can be so much fun and that it is important to bounce back. You and me– we blow my mind –and I have realized that we may not always see eye to eye, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot see heart to heart.

The time and space we have before us is just an adventure that is going to make us stronger! You mean so much to me and I cannot wait to experience what the future has in store for us. 😀

❤ a girl


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