Being Something is Better than Nothing

friendship 1I have a few friends that I talk about on here a lot. One of them being Elephant. Well last week I got this overwhelming feeling that she had replaced me over the summer with this other girl who was, for lack of a better term, cooler than me.

Friendship is a really sensitive subject for me, because I feel like my friends come and go way to quickly and I want to be more than just anyone to people. Well Payton and I were inseparable practically all of last semester and it was wonderful and I have some absolutely fantastic memories! But so far this semester has been very different and it has been a hard adjustment.

This past weekend Elephant’s boyfriend got into a car accident that messed up her car big time and so she was stranded at his place. She contacted me and told me all about it and then asked me if I wouldn’t mind giving her and her puppy a ride back to her place. This may sound like she was using me, but to me it felt like I was her friend again. That she hadn’t forgot that I would be there for her in a heartbeat.

Maybe getting to where we were last semester will just take time or maybe it is just not meant to be. But honestly I would rather be the reliable friend than the friend she calls up just for a good time. I want to be that friend that is there no matter what and that even if we aren’t as close anymore, if something huge happens in three years she will still call me to tell me the news or for help.

That may sound ridiculous, but it is how I feel. I don’t want to be just a mediocre friend, I want to be a forever friend. God, I am so incredibly cheesy. 🙂 So from now on if anything like this happens, I am going to try and not take it to heart, but instead work at creating what I want it to be.

❤ a girl


6 thoughts on “Being Something is Better than Nothing

    • As true as that is, it is such a hard concept for me to grasp! I want to be friends with all my friends forever, but this is such an impossible thing haha I’ll learn eventually!


  1. I get what you mean! I’ve had at least three “best” friends so far in my life but the thing is that they’ve all moved away. I had a friend when I was really little and we were pretty much attached at the hip. Then she moved to California and our contact slowly decreased until it was gone. My other friend was someone I was really close with during 3rd-5th grade. Then she moved to Virginia and our contact abruptly ended. The thing is that even if she doesn’t go to me for anything that’s serious, we’re still pretty tight when we see each other in person. So I guess that’s a different type of relationship.
    The last person is probably going to be my life-long best friend. She was my friend from sixth grade to now and she moved to North Carolina about two years ago. The difference is that we still talk nearly every day and share pretty much everything about our lives with each other. But when she first moved, I got so jealous because her contact was inconsistent and I always felt like I was getting replaced. So yeah being the person that she goes to for advice and help on stuff feels amazing because you know you aren’t just someone that’s been forgotten.
    Wow so I’ve pretty much just spilled my soul on this comment but I just wanted to say that I get what you mean!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing! I am the same way, but I have gone through a few more best friends than you. The joke is that they “expire”, but that is only funny to anyone but me. I had a few really great best friends in high school and going off to college really showed me who my best friends truly are. We all have different relationships now, but have still stayed close in our own way, but one has fallen off completely. It was tough at first letting her go, but it is just better this way, because friendships can’t be one way.
      I am extremely grateful to have found Payton and I have learned a great deal about friendship through our relationship.
      It is so great to hear that you and your best friend still talk on a regular basis and are still really close! That is wonderful and inspirational! Even when you aren’t actually being replaced, just that scary feeling of fear is awful!
      I am so glad you spilled your soul! That is how friendships begin 🙂 I get you too! Keep me updated!!!!

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