Procrastination Might Be Key

Procrastination Might Be Key

So I apologize for my lack of posts lately. This is isn’t even the post I had planned out to write, but I just haven’t been able to sit down and get that one out, so this one seemed more appropriate.

Lately I have been so lazy. All I want to do is lay around on my floor or on my bed and just be still. Even right now, I am sprawled out on my bed wishing I could throw my leg over the blanket and bury my face in the pillow, but I have missed y’all and I need to put my mind to something.

I have so much homework and reading and projects I could be hard at work on, but instead I am not doing them. I have always been a little procrastinator, but I work well under pressure, but these days I am not just putting it off, I am like pushing it out the window to never look back. I have no clue what has gotten into me.

Any ideas? Could it be lack of sleep or something bothering me in the back of my mind or stress or…… I don’t feel any different besides being endlessly tired and never having any motivation to do anything. Just earlier I was hanging out with a friend and his roommates. I was laying on the couch and kind of took a little cat-nap RIGHT THEN AND THERE! This was not supposed to happen, because no one gets to see me sleep.

I just want some kind of motivation again. I need a little pick me up, but I have no clue where to start. I attempt an assignment and my head starts to hurt or my eyes start to close; this is not a good way to start the semester. HELP!

❤ a girl


5 thoughts on “Procrastination Might Be Key

  1. I feeeeeeel ya, girlfriend. It’s just week 3 and I already have so much catching up to do with my readings/notes!!!! Everytime I think about it I want to crawl under my blankies and watch a movie……… HM. I’ll try and offer some advice, although I was the absolute worst my 1st semester of college…. MAKE A SCHEDULE. Plan out every hour. Be annoying about it. Set goals for every day. But do it for a full week. Try and get as many done, then reward yourself with something!!! Orrrrr think about the ridiculous amount of money you are paying to get a degree. That always gets me going. hahah. Hope you figure this out soon! 🙂

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    • That was the best advice haha! I do have a planner and normally I am really good about keeping up with it, but not this semester. I am going to try that schedule thing– good idea!
      Thanks again girl!! I took a nap and I am already feeling a bit better… I think I have just been staying up too late and waking up too earlier, so I am not getting the amount of sleep I need to function properly.

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