As y’all know I have a long distance boy-interest. I don’t exactly know what to call him, because we are not an official thing, because he would like to ask in person which I fully support and respect, so I have decided boy-interest is the best at describing what he is to me on a low-key level.

Well when our thing first began, I was skeptical about telling my parents or my friends, because they are more closed-minded than I am and I wasn’t sure how they would react. A few weeks in, I decided to tell my mom. She kind of blew me off and didn’t seem very interested, so I let it go trying not to let my feelings get too hurt. It just became this thing that we knew about, but didn’t necessarily talk about. I would refer to him and talk about something that happened to him… she would sometimes acknowledge who I was talking about and sometimes. She would even do these backhanded things like asking me if I thought it was weird I had a friend in South Dakota or seeing a pic of us and being like who is this and and when I would say who, she would look at me quizzically… so needless to say she wasn’t exactly on-board.

Every once in awhile she will say something that makes me see she is trying and it will give me hope. BUT over the weekend, he and I were skyping and my mother (who has no boundaries) just walked into my room without knocking and stopped in her tracks when she noticed there was a person on the screen. She began to back out of the room, but I was told her she could stay. She awkwardly stood in the doorway and waved and I turned the screen toward her, so she could see him. He waved back which made my insides really happy! My dad ended up stopping in the doorway too and he waved as well…

As awkward as it was for me, I was so excited that they were finally able to see him. I feel like that was the first step to them understanding that he is a real person that I really do like and interact with. She still rarely talks to me about him, but I feel like now it is in the middle of her mind that I am serious about my boy-interest and it would mean the world to me if she could be happy and supportive. 🙂

❤ a girl


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