I Was Alive Before This Happened

shocked faceIt’s so funny how you make a bold move to post a picture of you and the guy you have been talking to for almost three months and all these people who haven’t had a care in the world that you even exist start to contact you… hello I was still around before this picture, why do I suddenly matter now?

Let’s be real though… so my mom and my close friends knew about him, but I post this picture and old friends and older people who use to be in my life start commenting that I have explaining to do or texting me asking all of these questions. I am not sure what kind of response I was expecting to receive, but these people need to understand that I don’t owe them any explanations now that I am interesting and all.

Additionally, they seem to think all of their opinions matter to me. Newsflash: they don’t! You don’t just get to walk into my life when you feel like it and think that what you say and how you feel should affect me, because it doesn’t.

I just don’t get how people think this is okay and why they think I would react well to this. Obviously, I was nice and nonchalant about it, but my brain was practically exploding with irritation. I guess you could say I was just dumbfounded at some of the people in my life.

❤ a girl


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