My Journey to Overcoming

My Journey to Overcoming - Edited

People have issues. People have struggles. People have problems. People have junk. People have baggage. Clarification: All People Have…

I have lots of issues. I have lots of struggles. I have lots of problems. I have lots of junk. I have lots of baggage. It follows me around like a raincloud and I have to constantly keep my umbrella over my head to get through. Well somewhere along the way my umbrella blew away in the harsh winds and I haven’t been able to find it or buy a new one.

Today I had a breakdown that led to a breakthrough. I feel like I was finally able to dry the water droplets off the lenses of my glasses and see a little clearer for the first time in awhile. I want to escape this raincloud and enjoy the sunshine that I can see from afar.

I am calling this “My Journey to Overcoming” and I plan to catalog it, so that one day I can look back and see where I was and what I was dealing with in order to see that I am capable, remember that I don’t want to ever be there again, and remind myself that whenever I get down, there is a positive way out.

This is going to be a hard journey and I would appreciate any support y’all are willing to give. I have created a separate blog Escaping The Raincloud to document my journey and so that I can keep it separate from those of you who are not interested, but still like to read my other thoughts. I struggle a lot, but I am done letting it control my life. Through some tough love, I have come to my senses and am getting help, so if you want feel free to keep up with my progress. Encouragement Definitely Welcome!

So that is what is up with me. Thank you for always sticking by me!

❤ a girl


15 thoughts on “My Journey to Overcoming

  1. This sounds like a great idea, Lauren!!!!!! So happy for you that you are taking the next step! I will definitely be following your new blog! Those moments of clarification after a meltdown are the most important and it’s so important that we remember how we felt when it happened!

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    • Thank you Cass! Please know that you were part of the tough love that I was talking about and I appreciate it more than you know! I really needed to hear all of these things! Your constant encouragement for someone you don’t know is wonderful and it means a HUGE deal to me! 🙂

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