One Person Can’t Define People

people can surprise you

I feel like I haven’t written like forever, but apparently it has only been one day. :O

So I have been dealing with some emotional stuff for awhile now and I have just now come forwarded. Basically, I have been struggling with all of these symptoms that lead up to depression, but I haven’t been diagnosed, because I have not gone to see a professional.

This past Sunday, I decided to tell all of y’all through this blog and my friends and family through Facebook that I was having a difficult time not being sad and negative all of the time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure of the kind of response I was going to receive. I assumed y’all would be more open and nice about the whole thing, because bloggers typically are more open-minded and kind, but my family and friends surprised me in an entirely new way.

Not all of them of course. Some ignored my cry for help, but some really blew me away by the nice words they had to share. Lots of older people were willing to encourage me and give me ideas as to how to find my joy, but one person in particular stood out to me.

This person chose not to like or comment on my “status”, but instead messaged me. This person is a Facebook “friend”, but not someone I had ever spoke to in person. We went to the same high school and have tons of mutual friends, but weren’t necessarily friends ourselves. They opened up and told me that they read my post and felt convicted to share their story with me, because they feel I am where they were about a year ago.

First off, this is the last person I would ever have expected to come to me with this kind of information. They are nice and kind and sweet and smart… pretty much perfect from everything I had ever heard or read about them, but it was just the first sign that I could relate to them.

Today, they emailed me their story of battling depression and how they are overcoming it. As I was reading, I could see my own life going through my head. I understood what they were talking about and how they were feeling, because they were right- I was there right now. Their story made me cry. Not sad tears, but happy tears that helped me register that I was not alone in dealing with this.

For awhile now, I have kind of lost my hope in people. Not all of them, because I have select few friends and family who have come through for me, but for the most part I have been beaten down and broken by them over and over that I just didn’t care to interact with them anymore. But after receiving that message from a person who only knew of me from what social media shows and still having the courage to reach out to me even though it was scary and a long shot… it restored my hope.

Good people are out there. You have to keep searching. Don’t let one negative person (I have been this person) ruin your day or your life. When you find the good ones, let them create joy in your life and cherish it.

❤ a girl


2 thoughts on “One Person Can’t Define People

  1. I love that. Being able to open up to others (especially strangers on the internet) and letting them know that they aren’t the only ones who feel a certain way gives them hope. And it really gives me great joy. Because I wish I had that when I was going through my struggles. Fuck the negativity and just do you. No one and their opinions will ever be as important as your mental health.

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    • Cassidy, you are one of my favorite people ever! I hope you know how special and encouraging you are!! I wish I could have been there for you, but I am so happy you are doing better! and the phrase You Do You has never been more real to me, but it is actually pretty good advice! ❤ 😀

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