Life in Limbo

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Never giving up is a difficult thing for me. In some situations I never want to let things go, but in others I so easily throw in the towel. It is a weird thing how I decide which way a situation is going to go, but lately I have wanted to just back out and watch my life from the outside.

I am kind of tired of making choices for myself. This may sound strange, but figuring out the right path to take has got me so stressed out! And ya I get that I am in college and everyone “goes through this”, but I am a junior now and have to decide a permanent path or I will be in school forever. I wouldn’t mind exploring different classes and stuff if I was paying for it myself, but my parents and other contributors pay for my college, so I feel I need to be dedicated to something.

I don’t think I have ever talked about my college education past, but basically it goes like this– psychology major–> social work major–> public relations major–> technical communication major–> who the heck knows! Picking something to study has always been a challenge for me. Everything just seems so interesting and fun until I am actually in the class and then I am just regret it and wonder what I got myself into. Why is it so hard for me to choose something that I enjoy and feel like it is worth it?

Anyway, after recognizing my issues and going to counseling this morning, I kind of feel like that would be a great path for me. I tried social work in the past, but it was just not what I was expecting. I wanted to be a light in someone’s life and help people, but it was just a bit too much. Now, I feel like I want to work with younger people like teenagers and early 20’s, because I feel like in ways I can relate to them and help them, because what I am going through myself. I have also realized that I enjoy finding solutions to other people’s problems and watching them regain their happiness– it makes me feel better to know that others are feeling good. I know that this profession wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows all the time, but I think it would worth it.

So that leads to lots of questions… what do I major in? Where do I get my Masters? Would I be able to handle a profession such as this? What are my next steps?

Between dealing with my struggles, schoolwork, and figuring out my future, I am more than a little stressed out. I am working on remembering to just breathe.

❤ a girl


10 thoughts on “Life in Limbo

  1. So happy you made this post. Because this is on my mind 24/7!!!!! One big difference between the two of us, I never really made a decision. I was sort of thrown into my Biology major. On one side, I’m glad my family only cares about getting a job out of college. On the other, I’m not just happy due to lack of passion. BUT I also can’t decide what I’m passionate about. So…. it’s complicated. lol

    Based on your past career, you seem to be really into the Social Sciences!! Maybe a Psychology major with a focus in counseling or something??? Excited to see a future blog post of your decision 🙂



    • I am so glad you can relate!! It is such a frustrating ordeal! I agree, finding something to be passionate is really difficult. I feel like it shouldn’t be, but it is… I totally get it for sure!
      You know I’ll keep you updated 😀
      I like that idea! I’m trying to talk to an adviser, but they are booked up.
      Nope, between scholarships and my parents, I just have to pay for half of my apartment and everything else.

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      • You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are for not having to pay!!!! But wait. your college doesn’t make you declare a major by a certain period?! I need to make mine official by end of sophomore!


      • I do! I am so grateful, I have lots of friends that have to.
        Nope, not that I am aware of. They wouldn’t mind me staying as long as I want to keep paying for classes… but I don’t want to stay much longer. I go to a public university, so I don’t think they care at all.

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      • I got a public university too…… I think maybe they just don’t want us to waste any time. There’s like, no room for bullshit. Because I declared my major my 2nd semester, I’m already so behind it’s ridiculous!


      • Interesting… I don’t know. I was never told that I had to choose by a certain time. I wish my school was like that. They are all over the place. I’m actually in two classes that don’t count toward my current major, because my adviser told me the wrong thing… I am so irritated about it. I have classes everywhere!


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