Dear You,

Dear You,

I have no clue how to begin. I just really wanted to talk to you today, but assumed that if I texted or called it would just go unanswered. Don’t get me wrong, I hoped that I would hear from you, but eventually that hope turns to disappointment.

I am tired of letting other people disappointing me affect the way I feel about myself. For awhile now I have been struggling with a lot of stuff and I saw a negative change in myself. It wasn’t all bad, there were really good times too – mainly when I was talking to you – but two weeks ago I just broke and I couldn’t seem to put my pieces together again.

After opening up to my mom, I took some steps to getting better and I am going to counseling now and I have a “joy” jar. I am trying to focus on positive things and remember what used to bring my old fire! I feel like I lost it along the way and I am figuring out how to get it back.

I know I can become extremely overbearing, so I tried to give you space, but I hope you know I miss you very much! You were there for me when I thought I had no one else. You never asked me to be something I wasn’t nor did you judge me and I appreciate that more than you know. You still mean so much to me!

I hope Basic is treating you okay and you are learning a lot! I would love to hear all of your stories. Have you made any friends? Is it how you imagined?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

❤ a girl


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