Just Listen… Leave Your Opinion Out Of It.


Being an opinionated and outspoken person growing up, I am accustomed to saying things that people didn’t ask for nor did they want to hear. I am used to being the “bad one”, the “mean one”, the “rude one”…. the list goes on, but today I was on the opposite end of this and I really want to yell for them to just keep their mouth shut.

Lately, I feel like my friends think they know best about what I need, what I should think, and how I should feel. They are constantly telling me that I am wrong, that I am not thinking clearly, and always giving me unasked for advice. I know they are just trying to help, but sometimes I don’t need or want their help. I am a grown girl and can make up my own mind about the people I care about and the activities I take part in.

In response to yesterday, I went ahead and re-messaged his mom and was delighted to receive such a positive reply. I wanted to share this information with my best friend, because it filled me with some peace and relief, but she shot me down before I could even get there. She told me that I needed to let him go, because he doesn’t seem like a great guy.

Um… hold on. First, I was not asking for her advice, I just wanted to tell her some positive news. Second, she has never met him nor has she ever really inquired about why I feel the way I do about him or even how I feel about him. Third, she only knows my side of what I choose to tell her which is normally when I need to rant or rave, so extremes, but there is middle ground that she doesn’t know about. Fourth, I understand that everything isn’t rainbows when it comes to him. He isn’t perfect, but who he is. Fifth, I am not willing to give up that easily. Things get tough, but I want to at least discuss it and I am definitely not going to “let it go” without him having the means to communicate.

We were both wrong at one point or the other and who knows… maybe this isn’t meant to be, but just giving up when things aren’t easy isn’t the way to figure that out. But sometimes, I just wish my friends would keep their opinions to themselves or phrase them a bit differently as to not hurt my feelings, because they tend to be a bit fragile these days.

❤ a girl


3 thoughts on “Just Listen… Leave Your Opinion Out Of It.

  1. Sometimes people don’t always realize how much you are hurting, and forget that friends are supposed to make you feel better, not worse. I don’t think your friend was trying to be malicious, but sometimes we all forget what it means to be a friend. Keep your chin up!

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    • Funny story about all this… I have been struggling with depression and have a separate blog about that, but I wrote a post on there about this whole situation and she texted me about it because she knew I was referring to her and we got into this full blown fight, but then we both felt really bad about all of it and decided to just respect each other and stop being so passive aggressive… friendship can be so hard always trying to see and understand and respect both sides opinions.

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