When My Heart Wants To Break


Sometimes you just want answers, but sometimes what you get is a mix of good and bad news.

Ever since my guy left, I have been in dire need of some communication and some explanations. I was in this constant state of confusion and frustration. There was no anger. There were no thoughts of giving up. I just felt like I needed to know more. Well, I finally got my wish…

His mom and I messaged back and forth earlier. I was so excited that she was being so kind to me and had offered to give me more information on how my guy was doing… I thought maybe I would finally be set straight and my mind could take a rest.

With that being said, what I heard was not at all what I expected nor what I wanted. It wasn’t good news. It was actually horrible, awful, sickening news that has me all tore up in a whole new way. I can’t disclose what I was told, because it isn’t my news to share, but my heart wanted to break for my guy, but I also want to be as strong as I can for him.

He is going through a rough time and not the rough time he had expected when he left all those weeks ago. Luckily, he is able to communicate with his mom and that is a good outlet to keep him positive and grounded. We are hoping that he will be back home by the end of October, but that may not happen, so I can’t get my hopes up. But she told him I was asking about him and she said he was really glad to hear that and appreciated it so much. This made my heart smile. She offered to relay to him anything I wanted to tell him. That is a grand offer, but now knowing what I know, I have no idea what I would say to him.

I am so proud of him just from knowing what I know. He is being so strong when it should be impossible. I am now wrestling with my seedling of faith that I have just rekindled, because I cannot understand why he (or anyone else) is going through this. I apologize for being fairly secretive, but I just don’t feel that it is my place tell…

Any thoughts, prayers, and good vibes you are willing to send in his direction, please by all means do so! I know it would mean a lot to him to know that others are supporting him and rooting for him!

❤ a girl


2 thoughts on “When My Heart Wants To Break

  1. I totally understand how you feel here about having people you care about being so far away. My best friend in the entire world is 6 hours away and our relationship is kind of struggling because of our schedules. I felt like I was putting in a lot of the effort, and although our circumstances are a little different, I feel your pain.


    • I get that completely. My guy, whom you will read more about the longer you stalk me, lives 16 hours from me, but my best friend is only 2 hours, but it doesn’t change how hard it is being in two different worlds instead of down the street. Just keep at it and don’t give up on your relationship… keep trying!! It’s worth it!

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