[CREATIVE]ity is key

The Creative Blogger Award

Awhile back Vikar @DOA:Writer nominated me for this award and I never did say thank you (that I remember), so THANK YOU so much! It is such an encouragement for me to keep writing! 🙂

The Rules: 

  • Nominate and Notify
  • Post Link to Nominator
  • Share Five Random Facts

The Facts:

  1. I believe I have undiagnosed OCD. Not only am I extremely organized and feel weird if things are out of place or messy, but I am odd in how I like to do things in multiples of 5; when I wake up I can only do so at say 7:00, 7:05, and so on… If I wake up at 7:03, I will wait two minutes until I can get up on a multiple of 5. I do the same with the volume on things.
  2. Being nerdy is definitely a way of life, but going back to my organization, I actually special ordered myself a planner that is personalized off of Etsy and I love it! 😀
  3. One day I want to get a Collie or a Basset Hound… or both!
  4. Converse are my favorite kind of shoe. At the moment I currently own six pairs and plan to get more!
  5. I would love to live on a lake one day. Just a quaint little home with a beautiful view of the water. We could have a small boat and a deck. It sounds so peaceful!

The Nominees:

You girls are amazing and I have appreciated every kind word you have sent my way! Y’all are such an inspiration and I am so happy to have found you! ❤


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