Dear You,

Dear You,

Today I felt like a real college kid.

No, not because of the overwhelming feeling of never knowing what I am doing with my life, but because I stayed up till 3 in the morning studying and doing homework with the unpleasant reality of having to wake up at 7 to catch the bus and make it to class.

The past two days have gone something like this: go to class and work, come home and procrastinate, cook pizza rolls and watch an episode of Law and Order: SVU (because why not?), procrastinate a little more, and finally work on my Archaeology which consisted of finishing a lab and memorizing the basic bones of the body.

When I picture where you are and what you are doing, I envision your current situation to be similar to this. No sleep. Waking up at ungodly hours. Working hard (way harder than me of course 😉 ). I have somehow survived my one day of this life and I know you will survive all of yours too. Sending all my energy your way!

❤ a girl


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