Maybe That’s All It Was Supposed To Be

people coming and goingI have been hooked on the show Law and Order: SVU and was just watching the episode where Benson and Cassidy kind of break up. Throughout the episode it shows their disconnect and how they are both stagnate and stuck. At the end, Benson realizes that their lives are going in different directions. She wants kids and someone to grow old with and he doesn’t think about growing old ever. She also explains that they were both in pretty low times in their life when they got close. He had been shot and was demoted and she was attacked. They both helped each other through those times, but maybe that’s all it was supposed to be. They both quietly come to the same conclusion and Cassidy tells Benson he loves her and she says she will always love him. But you can tell they are going to go their separate ways.

Watching this really tugged at my heart and my mind. It got me thinking about you. Which lately I have been trying not to do (but it’s very difficult!). I see us kind of like Benson and Cassidy. When we “met” you had only lived in South Dakota for a few months and didn’t have too many friends and wanted someone to talk to, I was having a rough summer struggling with feeling lonely and trying to figure who I am. You were there for me. Every freaking day. You made me feel connected and not alone. You encouraged me to make my own choices and take chances.  I talked your ear off. Always having some new story to tell. We helped each other through those times and maybe that’s all it was supposed to be. As much as I wish I could still be there for you, I don’t think you want or need me anymore. It would be great if I could have some closure, but I don’t think that is going to happen, so I just have to be ok with going our own ways. Maybe that is best.

❤ a girl


10 thoughts on “Maybe That’s All It Was Supposed To Be

  1. Always loved Law and Order: SVU! This was a really beautiful peace; we all like to visualize ourselves in our favorite characters, and sometimes that’s how we cope by drawing strength from these heroes and heroines. Keep your chin up!

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    • OMG I know!! I was addicted to this show when it was Benson and Stabler and was bitter when he left, but I am getting back into it.
      I appreciate the encouragement. I agree, I try and relate to different characters and sometimes it does help. I like to think that if they can move on, then so can I.


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