Group Projects & The Sniffles

group projects

I can’t breathe. I can’t smell. I can barely sniff. I can barely feel my body. I have the sniffles! 😦 I make a terrible, terrible sick person. I am such a baby when I don’t feel well, but being in college makes it 10x worse, because I have no one to take care of me. I still have to make my own food and figure out what medicine might help me and try to remember if milk is bad for you when you have an abundance of mucus in your head.

BUT what is worse than being on your own when you don’t feel good? Group Projects. Every little thing about them makes my blood boil. On top of not being able to breathe, I am a member of two group projects at the moment and I want to fall in a hole than have to deal with this.

For one project, I am a part of a group of four (but we all know that means nothing). We are having to create an instruction manual. Our topic is Guide to Owning a Dog: Denton Apartment Edition. Sounds fairly easy, but I’m working with two invisible people and one idiot. We have a shared Google Doc where we have the outline and were just going to draft it out before we format our Word Doc. Great idea, right? Not. The idiot (who happens to be the only person besides me working on this project) filled in the draft with paragraphs that are not professional at all and this gets angry when I ask if I can rewrite them. Oh and my favorite; I said we should add a few pictures of commonly approved and disapproved dog breeds… he put a picture of Snoop Dog. Some may find this funny, but seeing as this is due this week, I don’t find it amusing in the least. I want to appreciate that he is trying, but I don’t feel like he is trying… maybe if he were to actually put something of depth on the document I would reconsider.

For the other project, I am a part of a group of three. We have to analyze two different businesses and how they incorporate and use social media, then write a paper about it. Not hard. But we haven’t even started and I don’t know when I am going to get a chance to really dig in, because I am practically doing this entire manual by myself. (Yes, I am whining!!)

It really sucks when you are the kid that actually cares about group projects and get stuck doing the whole thing by yourself. And if I have to hear the speech about how group projects prepare you for real life, I might just have to purposefully bury myself alive. I AM SO DONE! And the greatest part, I have two more before the end of the semester.

Okay. Rant done. Wish me luck.

❤ a girl


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