Lazy Leaves and Nonexistent Music

lonely girl

Outside the window, the leaves were falling lazily. Rich reds, bright oranges, and dull browns littered the ground. The crunch of leaves under feet could be faintly heard as people hurried by. The crisp autumn air seeped in through the cracks of the door and windows. The sun was sinking low, casting glaring rays across the room. It was an early November evening.

Besides the crunch of leaves and the occasional whoosh of wind causing the trees to tremble, the room was silent. Audrey was curled up in the corner of her bed, weighed down by three blankets and surrounded by pillows. She clutched her knees close and had tears streaming down her face. Her quiet sobs were barely audible.

Softly closing his apartment door, Jamie walked the three paces to the next door over. As he stood in front of it, he clenched his fists then stretched them out and then clenched them again. His palms were sweaty. He rubbed them against his jeans, sucked in a breath, and then knocked on the door.

Audrey’s eyes went wide. Who was at her door? What could they possibly want? Sitting really still, she hoped they would go away. Then she heard another couple light raps. She reluctantly slid out from under the blankets and padded over to the door. She hadn’t bothered to wipe away the tear stains from her cheeks.

The door opened just slightly and there she was. He let out a slow breath. She was so much prettier up close. He immediately cast his eyes down. What was he doing? Then he hesitantly looked up, taking her all in. Her bright sock clad toes wiggled. She was dressed in gray sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. Her red hair was a curly mess. Jamie stood there dumbfounded. When he found his voice, he said, “I came by to ask you to turn your music down-”

When Audrey opened the door, she was shocked to find a cute guy standing before her. He was tall with unruly dark brown hair dressed in jeans and a plain short sleeve shirt. His hands were shoved in his pockets and she shivered as she felt his gaze on her. Keeping one hand grasping the door handle, she opened it a little more. At first they just stared at each other. His eyes were a warm brown that wavered slightly. Then he mentioned something about music.

Jamie watched the confusion cross her face when he mentioned her music, but he never finished with his lame excuse to talk to her, because he became concerned with the tears that stained her cheeks. “Are you okay?” he whispered looking intently into her blue eyes. “What?” Audrey asked putting up her defensive brick wall. “I just… were you crying?” Jamie pried, not looking away from her eyes. “Look, I’m fine,” Audrey said with irritation as she tore her eyes away and stared down at her feet, “I was just enjoying a night of breaking down when you accuse me of loud music which I am obviously not playing.”

Stupid! Why was that his excuse? Why did he have to mention her tears? Jamie silently warred with himself and then he had an idea. “Put some shoes on,” he said. “Excuse me!” Audrey declared. “And grab a jacket,” he continued. “I’m sorry, but no,” she said denying his demands. “Look, I’m not just going to leave you here to cry alone all night, so just grab some shoes and a jacket, so we can go.”

Who was this guy? Why was he being nice to her? Reluctantly, Audrey slipped on a pair of shoes and grabbed a jacket. She didn’t have much to lose at this point. She stood staring at him from her doorway. He smirked and then motioned for her to follow. His smile was adorable and it made her want to melt. Audrey stopped herself from huffing, locked her door, and scurried behind him.

To Be Continued…

❤ a girl

So I’ve decided to try creative writing… what do y’all think?


4 thoughts on “Lazy Leaves and Nonexistent Music

  1. I like it! And I like the shifting POVs too. Im curious as to what Jamie has planned for them! And why Audrey was so upset? My only critique would be maybe in an edit, spend some more time explaining exactly why Audrey is willing to leave her apartment with this random guy she apparently doesn’t know. Maybe they actually have mutual friends and kinda know each other? I just feel like it’s surprising that she is so trusting of him, but maybe there’s more to the story! 🙂 keep it up girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!!!

      I was actually thinking the same thing… why she is willing to go, but I don’t really know. This was just a daydream I have quite frequently lol

      Thanks so much for the feedback! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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