Getting Lost in a Crowd of One

I finally did it! I finally accomplished something on The List.

The MartianLast night, at approximately 10:20, I was sitting alone in an empty theater getting settled to watch The Martian. So I literally went to see a movie by myself, in every sense of the phrase.

See a movie by myself has been something that I have wanted to do for a few years now. Every now and then I get the feeling that I am going to be alone forever and I tell myself it’s okay, because I can do things by myself like eat and see a movie. Well I have never gotten the courage to go, but I have been dying to see The Martian and every attempt I had made at getting someone to go with me failed…

So last night I decided to screw society and their negative outlook on doing things by yourself. Already dressed in my pajamas, I hopped in my car and drove 20 minutes to go see this movie.

When I first pulled up and saw lots of people milling around, I got nervous. Here I was dressed like a hoodlum, alone, going to see a movie that has been out for like a month. I figured the lady behind the counter would wonder why I didn’t have anyone with me and why I was seeing a movie that was so old that no other tickets had been bought. After a little hesitation, I gathered my courage and bought the ticket and walked into the empty theater.

It was kind of like Heaven. I could sit anywhere I wanted. I could take my shoes off and put my feet up on the back of the chair in front of me without feeling bad. I could laugh whenever and however loudly I wanted to. I could talk to the screen without feeling weird… it was a seriously wonderful experience and I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to experience it.

Also, The Martian is a phenomenal movie that I suggest everyone see if you haven’t already. It had me on the edge of my seat, cracking up, and tearing up. It was incredible and I honestly can’t even describe it. It was one of those seriously inspirational movies that makes you wonder. Just plain wonderful!!

I no longer have a negative stigma against seeing movies alone and I can honestly say that I plan to do this many many more times in the future.

❤ a girl


7 thoughts on “Getting Lost in a Crowd of One

  1. Love this! I really would like to try go to a movie alone some time, because sometimes it’s hard to find people who want to see the same movies, yknow? And then I can binge on popcorn all I want and not have to share.. haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I am definitely adding this to my list of things to try! Speaking of which, I just read your updated list, and I saw the one about writing a letter to your future self. I have been doing that for years through! They email it to you on the day you choose, and it’s nice because I never expect it when it comes, and one day I check my email and there’s a letter from a year ago to myself! You should definitely check it out 🙂 It is very eye opening.

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    • I definitely do know!! I never seem to want to watch the same movies as others, so just making the decisions to go regardless of who comes with if anyone was super empowering. While I was there it didn’t even seem like I was alone. Let me know when you do get to try it. 🙂

      Wow! I had no idea that there were websites that did that. I would love love love to try that out, so I’ll look into that today! Thanks for telling me!

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      • Definitely! And yes, I highly recommend it, as long as you have a consistent email. The first year I got one, I seriously cried because of how different of a position I was in, and how much better off I was than at the time of writing it.


      • You can also publish your letter anonymously on their website, which I never do since mine are so personal, but it’s really interesting to read other peoples. There’s so many sad ones, and so many happy ones, and it’s really inspiring seeing how many people really can relate to your feelings. It seems right up your alley, girl!

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  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I LOVE SEEING MOVIES BY MYSELF! Ugh, it’s so glorious! Glad you had a good experience with it! And I work in the box office. I literally don’t think twice selling a single ticket hahah it’s completely normal


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