Change Your Hair. Change Your Life.

hair change

So I did something TOTALLY crazy for me! Last night, on a whim, I let a friend cut my hair. It started with me showing her a picture and asking if she thought I could pull it off and then she’s like yes, let’s do it!! And for some reason I agreed…

I am now a woman with bangs.

IMG_5651 IMG_5652

It is important to understand that I am not a cut-my-hair-on-a-whim kind of person. My hair is very precious to me!! A lot of times I think it is one of the main features that makes me pretty, but it is also a security blanket. I think my reliance on my hair is one of the reasons I decided to change it up. I want to feel confident and pretty no matter what my hair looks like.

Honestly, I needed a change. I am contemplating some big decisions while I continue to learn more about myself and shape the woman I want to be. But my hair grows extremely slow, so fingers crossed I warm up to my new look rather quickly. 🙂

❤ a girl


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