Bubbles and a Flame

It’s always a good feeling when you can mark something off a list and as of yesterday I am one step closer to completing mine!

That’s right! I indulged in a bubble bath by candlelight after my classes. It was relaxing, calm, sweet, and just what I needed!

IMG_5649 IMG_5647 IMG_5646

From what I have noticed in my life, most people are either a shower or a bath person. For example, my oldest brother takes like three hour baths in the middle of the night and just soaks until the water gets cold, but my mom only takes a bath if she has to shave, and my other brother has never taken a bath in his life.

People who are typically in a hurry or on a budget prefer showers, because they (for anyone who isn’t me) are quick and conserve a tiny bit of water. Those who have lots of time and/or are lazy prefer baths, because they can take as long as you want and you get to sit!!

I used to be just a shower person… no particular reason besides the fact that my school started at 7:30am and I am not a morning person and that my dad is stingy on water usage (not that it stopped me from using the most) then when I went to college I only had a shower. But this year I live in a house with my own personal bathtub and boy am I getting all of the use I can out of it. When I first moved in, I invested in a bottle of bubble bath and I absolutely love a good bubble bath, but I tend to get really hot easily, so I started taking baths without the bathroom light on and only using the light from my room and that helped a bit.

But then I figured why not really get an ambiance going… my mom gave me a candle that was gifted to her (Note: I am not a candle person). I had never lit it, because it was a pretty pink color, I didn’t have a lighter, and candle smells usually give me a headache, but I decided that one candle with the scent of spun sugar would probably be okay, so yesterday I bought a candle lighter thing and set out to give myself a break before finals.

It was absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend everyone take a warm bubble bath by candlelight to just take a load off. It smelled so good and I could have just drifted off…. I can’t wait till I have time to do it again!

❤ a girl


10 thoughts on “Bubbles and a Flame

  1. A lovely post!! 😀 I love taking baths but unfortunately we don’t have a bathtub at home 😦 I had a volunteer camp last spring where the bathroom of our double room was the only one with a bathtub and I immediately had to make use of it (and the others were jealous, haha) 😀 but I do understand your dad’s side about the water usage :/

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  2. Baths are the best. I am in there hours! My absolute favourite, all being well my household leaves me be for that long, I’ll put an episode of whatever series I’m watching or a film on my iPad and watch it with the mirror light on a a large cold glass of water. It’s my favourite way to unwind, especially when it’s freezing and raining outside.

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    • Oh my goodness that sounds wonderful!! The mirror light is a good idea. When it’s cold is the best time to take them, because you soak in the scalding water forever!!! 🙂


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