Hotline: a direct telephone line set up for a specific purpose.

There are hotlines for people who are suicidal, in crisis, depressed, abused, runaways. I think these options are great and I am glad they are out there, but tonight I was feeling a little lonely and I couldn’t help but wish that there was a number I could call to just talk to someone for no reason other than the fact I am in a chatty mood.

So, 1-800-FRIENDS was born. A {imaginary} hotline that anyone can call to just talk about whatever with a “friend”. 

Sometimes it is easier and more fun to talk to a stranger. I love the “getting to know you” stage of friendships, because it is a fresh start and never dull. You don’t yet know everything there is to know about that person, so there are explanations and stories and rants to be had. So imagine you are feeling lonely or chatty one night and all your friends are busy; with the Friends Hotline you could dial and have an available friend pick up to laugh and gab with you.

I haven’t thought out too many details yet, but perhaps when your call goes through you have to pick an age group (so you aren’t a 21 year old female talking to some 45 year old man— unless you are into that I guess lol), but as a way to connect you with someone you could relate to.

Honestly, I am feeling pretty brilliant right about now, but it could very possibly be because of the sleep deprived sugar high I am on. What do you think? Should I become an entrepreneur and somehow create this grand idea?

❤ a girl


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