Return of The Girl

Coming Home - Edited

Let’s just disregard the last post I wrote over a month ago declaring that I was done with this site. Truth is: I am not.

A clean slate is what I thought I needed. A new space. But turns out that is not what I needed at all. I kept creating sites for different reasons whether that be documenting my progress or starting over. But this blog has a special place in my heart. My progress can be seen here and here is where I will continue to grow.

On my most recent site, I would try to write and nothing would come. I haven’t been proud of much that I have written on there and I kept thinking man if only I could post to A Precious Penny, and then I remembered that I could. The only thing stopping me… was me!

For some reason I felt that now that I am not depressed, I needed a new spot to express myself and that I needed to express myself in a way that would be accepting of those who know me, but I no longer feel that way. I just want to write about it all in whatever fashion I feel necessary.

When people ask me how I am doing I tell them that I am doing great; better than I have been in awhile. It is the truth and I want to share this side of me with all of you!

The Girl is back!

❤ Lauren


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