Blogging Anniversary

A Precious Penny has officially made it to one year!! 

It’s crazy to think that I have been at this blogging thing for 365 days. I was in such a bad place when I started this blog to help myself realize my self-worth and to gain some confidence. I have met so many amazing people and made some great friends!

I am really glad that I decided to start attempting to express my feelings, because I have learned so much from this blog and the people who have braved talking to me. I appreciate it all so much and logging in and reading about your lives always makes me smile and reminds me that I am not alone!

Although I am still not exactly the person I have always hoped to be and I still have lots of growing to do in the self-confidence department, but I am in such a better place than I was last year on this day.

I love you all and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

❤ Lauren


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