Being a Dog Mom

4 Months [1]

As some of you know, about two months ago, I became a dog mom. I was feeling a bit lonely and I really wanted something to take care of and share the world with, so I researched and found the most adorable puppy!

Now being a dog mom is super fun and has some perks, but it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Winnie is super cute and totally worth it, but the frustration is real!

4 Months [2]

Ever tried to potty train? Teach commands? Stop biting and jumping? If you have then you know the struggle, if you have not, I cannot begin to explain how difficult and trying it is. You think you are on the right track and your dog has got it and then the next minute or a few days later you realize it isn’t working or hasn’t stuck.

I have had a few breakdowns involving Winnie and her stubborn and ornery ways, but I have had many breakthroughs as well! But last night was a stressful one and Jeremiah encouraged me to look up past episodes of the Dog Whisperer. Of course I think I can do it all by myself with what I know, so he takes it upon himself to pull one up. I sit there as stubborn as my dog and refuse to accept that maybe I could change my ways a bit.

We started implementing some of what Cesar talks about and sure enough Winnie has been responding to some of the tricks. Hopefully, she will start retaining more of what she is taught, because I know she really wants to obey!

On another note, I am super excited it is starting to get warm outside, so we can spend more time on walks and just playing out in the sun!

❤ Lauren


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