DIY: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

For awhile now I have been dipping my toes into different hobbies, but I have finally found one that really strikes my fancy. Do It Yourself. Those words were all the rage a couple years ago and [in my opinion] have dwindled down here recently, but I have just started to mess around with thrift stores and creativity. I have found that I am extremely spray paint happy (thanks Jeremiah!) and have a rather ordinary liking for mason jars.

So I give you my first actual DIY project: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.45.21 PM

You’ll Need:

  • mason jar
  • soap bottle
  • spray paint
  • glue

Step 1: Locate your soap bottle and remove the pump. You will want to thoroughly wash the pump, so that there is no soap left and then dry it off.

Step 2: Locate your mason jar and set it upright on a table. You will need to make a large hole in the center of the lid. I recommend using a screwdriver and a hammer. Put the screwdriver in the center of the lid and tap the top with the hammer until you create a hole. [Personal Note: This was the hardest part for me. It took a long time to make the hole and then I had to find larger objects to make the hole bigger in order to fit the soap pump.] Continue to make the hole bigger until it can snugly fit the soap pump.

Step 3: Unscrew the lid. Take it outside and spray paint it whatever color you like. [Personal Note: I suggest spraying some kind of sealant over the lid, so that it doesn’t chip or scratch.]

Step 4: Trim the bottom of your pump if it is too tall for the jar. Make sure it sits just above the bottom of the jar.

Step 5: Hold your lid upside down and apply glue to the inside of your hole. Slide the pump inside the hole and then apply more glue around where the pump touches the hole. Let dry.

Step 6: Fill with soap.

Step 7: Screw the lid w/pump back onto the jar.


Voila! You now have a cute mason jar soap dispenser!


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