Show Review: Graceland

Graceland revolves around a beach house in Los Angeles that housed 6 agents: 4 FBI, 1 DEA, and 1 Customs. This house was their safe haven that they could return to after working in deep cover operations in order to bust drug cartels, gangs, and money launderers. It sounds like a good idea, but as the show unfolds you see that going under has its consequences.

The agents living in the house are the main characters. Mike- a fresh faced FBI agent straight out of Quantico is stationed in LA in order to spy on another agent. Paul- an old time field agent and tough guy who the bureau thinks is up to something. Charlie- a badass female agent who can’t give up once she sets her mind on a case. Johnny- a skinny hispanic agent who is all heart and normally runs tactical. Paige- the DEA agent who has a lot of passion and understanding for those around her. And Dale- a Customs agent who likes to do his own thing unless a favor is asked of him.

After finishing the show, I noticed that each season revolves around one big case from episode one until the last. Little cases take place in between, but they all add up to one crazy finale! Season one focus on an arms dealer and a ghost drug dealer. Season two a scary Mexican cartel and a ring of human trafficking. Season three a mob like/gang like European family.

Between all the busting bad guys and tough calls, there is also romance and drama. I found it to be very entertaining and it has an interesting twist for a show about cops. Every episode is full of surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat. Sadly, it was cancelled after three seasons, but you can find those seasons on Netflix. I suggest checking it out if you are into creative cop dramas.


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