Passive Aggressive Behavior

passive aggressive behavior 1

At the beginning of this month, I got a new job. It was a great opportunity, because not only was it on campus, but I also worked for these two middle-aged guys who are low key and only require me to look nice. I work four hours a day, for days a week scanning files full of documents. That is literally all I do.

So by yesterday I had gotten into a really great routine which allowed me to stay entertained while these huge files scanned. There was this small desk next to the scanner that I would roll a chair up to. I would set my drink in one corner, my stapler and staple remover in the middle, and my phone in the other corner. I would grab a file folder, take it to the desk, turn on Netflix (with headphones of course!), and begin removing the staples, scanning the documents, and replacing the staples. When the files was done, I would pause my show, get up, replace that file, and grab a new one. It really made the time fly!

Well there are these middle-aged women who work in the offices behind the scanner who gave off a bitch vibe, but today they confirmed it. So one of these women had her Keurig on this table and once every shift, she would ask me to if she could butt in, so she could make coffee. It was no problem, I would always smile and move. I wasn’t hurting anyone and I got my job done. Apparently speaking to me was such an inconvenience that when I came in today the table was gone.

It really frustrated me, because I felt they didn’t like me since the day I started. None of them introduced themselves to me and anytime I walked up, they would look at me weird or just ignore my presence. Also, this is supposed to be a professional environment, so if something about me or my actions bothers them, they should have talked to me directly.

Luckily, two can play the passive aggressive game. My job (which is super simple) had just gotten a lot harder without that table, so that was only fueling my fire. So, every time I would have to go scan my files, I would tap the buttons as loudly as I could. After about four or so files, the women came out of their dens.

Queen Bitch walks up to me and introduces herself and asks who I am. I in turn give my name and she proceeds to ask if the table would help me do my work. I said yes so they both brought it back out of the storage closet next to the scanner. They claimed they were just cleaning up Queen Bitch then introduced Second-In-Command Bitch to me. I thanked them for giving back the desk.

Now they have gone back to ignoring me unless Second-In-Command Bitch needs her coffee. Grow Up!


Calm White Watching The Storm

Have you ever found yourself caught in someone else’s storm?

Everything is going wrong for them and you are just… there. I feel that way now. As frustrated as this someone else is, I find myself frustrated as well, but in a whole different way, which can in turn cause them even more frustration.

It is also one of those situations where your life may not be at its absolute best, but it still doesn’t compare to what they are dealing with.

Right now, I am living on couches (my boyfriend’s and my future roommates’) and I have no car, because Milo overheated a few days ago. But that is the extent of my so-called storm… it is more of an annoying drizzle. But Jeremiah is dealing with a storm that includes strong wind and golf ball sized hail. He moved into a new apartment and everything has been going wrong. It started with the leasing company putting the wrong price on the lease, then giving him the wrong keys, then he wasn’t able to move in on time, then his bathroom faucet was leaking, then two stove burners didn’t work, then there were cockroaches, then the maintenance guy busted the water pipe, then his bathroom and upstairs hallway flooded, then the maintenance guy rigged the hot water pipe and now his bathroom has no working sink and is as hot as a sauna, then the flood put a whole in his kitchen ceiling, then the shower started leaking, then he was given no key to his mailbox, then his espresso machine didn’t work……. just one thing after another and although he is doing everything he can, nothing is being fixed.

As you can see, he has every reason to be frustrated; furious even plus normal stress with school and money and work. Now my frustration comes in, because I see him struggling and angry, but I can’t do anything to help. I feel stuck and all I want to do is make him feel better, but I feel helpless.

At the same time, I am trying to comfort him, because as someone watching the situation instead of it happening to them, I can see positives and I can easily say that it isn’t the end of the world and that it could be worse, but that isn’t helpful for him at all. I really hope we can find a happy medium, so that I can stop adding to his frustration.

Movie Review: Before We Go

Before We Go is a movie that Chris Evans starred in and directed. I added it to my Netflix que a while back and just got around to watching it and I am pleased to say that I genuinely really liked it by the end! It has an indie film feel to it, but it also has a heartwarming charm to it. The beginning started off kind of slow, but after 20 or so minutes I was interested in the characters.

This is one of those movies that is based on New York City happenstance. There are a lot of movies that revolve around this notion that strangers meet in NYC and magic happens. Although I don’t believe in this, I will admit that it is a guilty pleasure plot that I enjoy.

Nick and Brooke both find themselves in New York on this fateful night and coincidently Brooke misses her train, but really needs to get back home and Nick is avoiding attending a certain event, so being a true gentleman he offers to help her. So as the movie progresses, the two get into all kinds of mischief while you slowly learn about each of their pasts and circumstances.

I like the mystery and the way it unfolds. I like the almost ending and how it doesn’t go the way you think it is going to. They were going for a “fill in your own ending” which always irritate me, because I like definite endings, but I am still really happy with the way it turned out and I am actually smiling while writing this. Definitely watch if you are a sucker for New York City movies, romance movies, indie love films… just watch it!

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed in this movie. I was already a bit skeptical about it, but I felt that the storyline had a lot of potential with the use of villains we had never seen before. But after the first 15 or so minutes, it started to go downhill.

Predictable is the first word that comes to mind. They had so many options, but of course they chose the classic “superhero” route and had all the characters band together to fight one not-so-menacing bad guy. There wasn’t even very much mutiny or rebellion which obviously would have happened when you force villains to do good.

The whole plot was confusing. There were so many holes in the storyline and pieces that were not explained. They would be talking to people who weren’t introduced and then all of a sudden they would be in some building for some reason, but we don’t know why. They just expected you to accept everything that was going on, because it was going on, but I like to have explanations.

Enchantress was pretty pathetic, especially as  the main bad guy. All she did was stand up in some rubble and dance around with weird mystical crap swirling around above her. Ummm feel a little like X-Men? Ya, I thought so. They could have picked someone way better, but the whole storyline revolving around how she became the big villain in the first place is where it doesn’t make sense and no one would be stupid enough to let it happen.

A joke was what the Joker’s character was. It was already too soon to bring the Joker back into the movies (RIP Heath Ledger– you will forever be the best Joker ever!!). Jared Leto played a horrendously awful Joker. It was way too out there and quite-frankly gross. His fifteen minutes of fame in this movie seriously needed to be cut. The only reason the character should have been in the movie was to explain Harley Quinn’s back story. They should be ashamed of themselves for letting this crap be in the movie.

The only part I enjoyed in this movie was by far the character of Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie did a wonderful job and I was super excited to finally see one of the best female comic characters come to life. I really hope the Harley Quinn movie comes to be, because that and only that will I go see.

They need to put a pause on making superhero movies and rethink them in general. I am glad that they are normally box office hits, but do we need to sacrifice the making of a good movie to create four a year. We used to wait two years to see superhero movies and back then they were good. Now they all have the same plot and are so beyond original and fun. They get worse and worse.

I suggest saving yourself some money and wait to see this till it comes out on Netflix or RedBox, because it is not worth seeing in theaters or at all.

Show Review: Gilmore Girls

As much as I loved the show Gilmore Girls, it took me over two years to finish it. I had seen mismatched episodes on ABC Family a long time ago, but chose to watch it in order when Netflix put the entire series up. It is such an original, heartwarming, good-feeling, laugh a little, cry a little, smile a lot story. I recommend for all girls in general, but especially preteen, teens, and college aged girls; if you can watch it with your mom then that is a plus.

The story follows Lorelai and Rory Gilmore for just about 7 years while they figure out life and love. They are two very quirky characters who live in a town full of even more quirky people, places, and events. Watching this show is never dull and it can be quite an inspiring ride. I’ll admit that I definitely cried during the last episode.

Lorelai is a single mom who is estranged from her parents when the show begins, but eventually builds a relationship with them through certain circumstances. She is in the hospitality industry and is best friends with an incredible chef. Rory is her whole world and she will do whatever it takes to help her succeed and be the best she can be.

Rory starts out as a sophomore in high school who has just gotten her break at a top tier prep school. She loves to read, read, and study. She is best friends with an Asian girl who dreams of being in a band, but has a crazy strict mother. Rory is very naive, so you get to experience her navigate growing up.

Both girls face hardship, drama, and heartache as well as superior excitement, happiness, and love while being overly caffeinated. It is definitely a show not to miss. In some aspects, it has given me a whole new outlook on certain activities!

“If you are going to throw your life away, he’d better have a motorcycle.”
-Lorelai Gilmore