Life on the Couch

Tuesday marked the end of a lease and the beginning of my two weeks of living on my future apartment’s couch. It is a scary, yet exciting time, because I moved all of my stuff out of the room that has been my home for the last year. Although I was ready to move, because I was in dire need of a change, it is still bittersweet to leave your safe place. Now my stuff is packed away in boxes and bags and stacked in the corners of my new place which I can’t officially move into until the 17th.

But I have been absolutely blown away by my new roommates hospitality! They cleaned the apartment, so that my stuff would fit and that I would have a clean couch to sleep on. They baked cookies and added me to the group chat. They have been so kind to Winnie and have made her feet at home. Not to mention they have already started treating me like a friend by staying the living room to talk to me, invite me to things, and show me the ropes. It has been such a blessing to move into a new place where I have the opportunity to feel at home.

I am very excited to have my own room, but so far the couch hasn’t been too bad. Wish me luck! 🙂


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