Calm White Watching The Storm

Have you ever found yourself caught in someone else’s storm?

Everything is going wrong for them and you are just… there. I feel that way now. As frustrated as this someone else is, I find myself frustrated as well, but in a whole different way, which can in turn cause them even more frustration.

It is also one of those situations where your life may not be at its absolute best, but it still doesn’t compare to what they are dealing with.

Right now, I am living on couches (my boyfriend’s and my future roommates’) and I have no car, because Milo overheated a few days ago. But that is the extent of my so-called storm… it is more of an annoying drizzle. But Jeremiah is dealing with a storm that includes strong wind and golf ball sized hail. He moved into a new apartment and everything has been going wrong. It started with the leasing company putting the wrong price on the lease, then giving him the wrong keys, then he wasn’t able to move in on time, then his bathroom faucet was leaking, then two stove burners didn’t work, then there were cockroaches, then the maintenance guy busted the water pipe, then his bathroom and upstairs hallway flooded, then the maintenance guy rigged the hot water pipe and now his bathroom has no working sink and is as hot as a sauna, then the flood put a whole in his kitchen ceiling, then the shower started leaking, then he was given no key to his mailbox, then his espresso machine didn’t work……. just one thing after another and although he is doing everything he can, nothing is being fixed.

As you can see, he has every reason to be frustrated; furious even plus normal stress with school and money and work. Now my frustration comes in, because I see him struggling and angry, but I can’t do anything to help. I feel stuck and all I want to do is make him feel better, but I feel helpless.

At the same time, I am trying to comfort him, because as someone watching the situation instead of it happening to them, I can see positives and I can easily say that it isn’t the end of the world and that it could be worse, but that isn’t helpful for him at all. I really hope we can find a happy medium, so that I can stop adding to his frustration.


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