Show Review: The Vampire Diaries


I started watching The Vampire Diaries three years ago on a lonely night after moving to college where I had no friends and just needed a night of guilty pleasure television and cookies and cream ice cream. I remember the first couple seasons being really great with a storyline that actually made sense. The show is based on a book series (that I never read), but it was painfully obvious that they veered from the original storyline to make the show last longer.

And it worked… for awhile… seven seasons (so far), but I quit watching after season six, because it got an ending that I could live with. It was a pretty stupid ending, but they didn’t have too many options when the main character quits the show, but honestly they should have stopped while the show still had dignity.

Okay, so about the characters: for starters, the main female character Elena was the most annoying, whiney person ever! Obviously she had to fall in love with a pair of brothers which is extremely cliche, but both Stefan and Damon had potential. Stefan, the good boy, and Damon, the bad boy; I liked Damon better, but both of them had lots of skeletons in their closet. Bonnie and Caroline both had good moments and some really irritating moments, but they were good supporting characters and the same with Matt and Tyler.

So if you are in the mood for a far-fetched fantasy, guilty-pleasure storyline, and remarkably dull characters than pull up a seat! Honestly, I enjoyed the show in sections. I watched the first few seasons then took a year break, then watched the next season, took another year break, then finished it. Some episodes drag on, but others are pretty action packed. It is worth watching if the above mentioned is your thing, but don’t expect good writing or dynamic characters, just enjoy the ride!


2 thoughts on “Show Review: The Vampire Diaries

  1. Funnily enough I started watching this under exactly the same circumstances but have managed so far to only get to season five – and echo your sentiments on Elena exactly! I sure wish I had her men problems haha.
    Caroline annoyed me very much the first couple of seasons but I grew to like her most of all the characters to the point she was the only reason I still watched it.
    It’s a nice escape for those of us old enough to have been around when Buffy first aired and are missing a nice vampire fix.

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    • Hahaha glad to know I am not the only one!
      OMG yes Elena was so irritating, like why were they fighting over her?? I agree about Caroline, but if you ever make it to season 6 you may change your mind.


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