College Frustration is Real


I have been in college for three years now and you would think that by now, my senior year, I would have figured out how to make the first few weeks run smoothly. Wrong!

The first few weeks of college are three of the most stressful weeks of the year between buying books, meeting professors, getting adjusted to school life again, and -oh ya- reminding yourself every day that college makes you broke. Textbooks are more expensive than necessary (like why does this book that doesn’t even have a cover cost over $100?), access codes are creations from the devil himself (like why is all your homework on a dysfunctional online platform?), and professors who have doctorates can’t figure out the technology they are required to use (like why are you allowed to teach?).

College is already hard due to the workload, money, and stress, so why does the industry and university feel the need to make everything over expensive and over complicated. The answer… because they can. And that reality really sucks.

I skipped my first class of the semester today, because the course is not major-related and I am only enrolled, because the university wants more of my money by requiring I take a natural science (aka the hardest ones out there) in order to be a well rounded technical communicator, my professor is not very good at teaching students who know nothing about the solar system, and setting up the online homework portion has been a living nightmare!

So far this semester, I am still waiting on a book that I ordered three weeks ago and -shocker- I need it for an assignment this weekend, I was sold the wrong access code for my solar system class and when I got the right one it is near impossible to log in, and my lab instructor for one of my most important classes is a fellow student who is apparently perfect at everything except teaching us how to use design programs… so here I am at the second week of my last year of college ready to pull out all of my hair.

They -as in The Man- should just do us poor, stressed students a favor and make this whole process a whole lot easier!


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