Show Review: Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is one of those fun, guilty-pleasure shows that you don’t want to admit you watch, but you watch anyway.

The basic story is that Zoë Hart is a big time surgeon from New York City who gets told she needs practice family medicine before she can move on in the program. She gets an offer to work in a practice in Bluebell, Alabama. Eventually, she decides to take him up on his offer, but by the time she reached out, he had already died. It turns out he was her long-lost father and he left her his medical practice. Zoë sets out to learn about her father and practice family medicine for a year and then get back to her life in the city. Bluebell turns out to be a quirky, southern small town that gives Zoë a run for her money and reminds her every day of what an outsider she is. Through twists and turns and love triangles, Zoë finds her way.

Besides the absolutely, atrocious southern accents, this show has some charm in the first two seasons. It is full of typical arch characters and is a story we have heard far too many times, but it pulls you in for awhile. I rather enjoyed the main two male characters attracted to Zoë, because she is the cute, new girl. George is your good boy, small town lawyer engaged to the beautiful, blonde, powerhouse and Wade is the down home bad boy bartender who gets around. Lemon, the powerhouse, is obnoxious, but so loveable. I think she was my favorite character, because I liked how she grows and learns throughout the seasons.

Season three is where the show really started to go down hill. They tried to save it in the last season, but it never really gets there and ends after ten episodes. Luckily, they give you a proper ending that you can actually be pleased about or at least I was.

The show feels like a southern version of Gilmore Girls. Bluebell is basically Stars Hollow and the townspeople feel very similar. But the storyline is a lot more cliché than Gilmore Girls. This really is just a show for pure enjoyment, it doesn’t not provide much fulfillment.

Bottom Line: The CW provided us rom-com lovers another fun show that basically has no strings attached. It has typical characters and light, silly moral components to each episode. The writing is pretty awful, but the scenery is beautiful. Bluebell is a town you wish you could be a part of. Give it a shot if you like crappy television with pretty people.


12 thoughts on “Show Review: Hart of Dixie

      • I had a secret love for Wade. I love bad boys. That gets me in trouble in real life but oh well. The last season was weird but I was okay with how it ended. I think they could have done wayyyyy more but it wasn’t as bad as some series finales.

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      • Hahaha! I like fictional bad boys, but am definitely not the one for them in real life. Hey, sometimes trouble can be good lol. Agreed, the last season was rushed, but I am at least grateful it got a finale. My biggest pet peeve is when shows just never come back and you are left wondering.

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  1. I loved this show when it was on! (And then I loved it again when I rewatched it on Netflix!) It definitely wasn’t one I told people I watched, but I secretly loved it so much! And Wade… I mean… he’s pretty dreamy. That definitely helped.

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