Show Review: The People v. O.J. Simpson

Oh my god, we’re going to look like morons. -Marcia Clark

PHENOMENAL! The People v. O.J. Simpson was absolutely phenomenal. From the actors to the execution, I loved every minute of it.

I was born in 1995, so I had heard of the infamous O.J. trial and knew it was controversial, but I had no idea what a complete shit show the whole thing was. From the mishandling of evidence to the dirty tricks the defense played, it was screwed from the beginning and it disgusts me. What is crazy is that had it been tried more recently, he would have been convicted on DNA alone.

Can we stop for a minute and acknowledge what a freaking rockstar Marcia Clark was! The media as well as the judge degraded her based on being female and in a role of power. I mean making fun of her haircut and her mother status was uncalled for. Marcia was by far my favorite character especially in comparison to all the sleaze bags on the defense team.

Watching this show made me really interested in the real events, so I did a lot of research on what was fact and fiction in the show. It was truly fascinating and horrible. Learning about where the real people are and how the trial affected them is really cool. Congrats to Marcia for raising two great boys and becoming a crime novelist!

The actors cast were quite spot on to the real people. Sarah Paulson stole the show with the role of Marcia, but David Schwimmer was close behind with his role of Robert Kardashian. I thought it was hilarious how the show portrayed the young Kardashians. The entire cast did just amazing!

The case itself sickens me. The whole thing was executed awfully. The jury didn’t even try. The defense played the race card. The evidence was discarded completely. I can only imagine how it could have ended differently had everything gone according to law instead of becoming a media circus and a trial of loopholes.

Bottom Line: The show is an amazing representation of the dramatic trial of the century. The characters were incredible and each episode evokes so much emotion! It is intriguing and if you watch it, I would encourage you to watch real footage or interviews afterward. Truly a great watch!


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